June 18, 2009


Dear all,
This is an unpublished work that a friend of mine had written in my scribbling pad and which I came across, by chance, yesterday night when I was wondering what to write on!!..
Offlate, due to some reasons, I have stopped writing poems and want to resume it soon to keep me preoccupied. But when came across this work, thought I share it with you, along with a bit of narration behind it!!.Hope you like it!!

LOCATION: Vasanth Vihar, Thane, Mumbai

(One Saturday night, Must be around 11 PM,Late 2007)
V-Oye Chinnu, make a large for me..That too neat!
C-haila Vikash babu! You want to go neat in the first peg itself!?
V-Yes yaar..somehow very bored and sad today..
C-Don’t worry.We’ll go slow and lets do some talking today for once! And why sad?..
V- Hmmm..lets see re..You know that Ambarnathwaali cashier in my branch naa??.. Heard she got engaged!
C- haila!! And so you are heartbroken I guess Vikash babu?
V- Not just that Chinnu moshai. She knew everything about me, was my best friend in the branch and now she hid this news from me. Iam hurt. (Quickly takes a gulp!)
C-Oye tamba bhao..Apan hein na tumhare kunnas sunne ke liye.(Oye, go slow brother. Iam there to listen to your woes)
V- I don’t know what to do re..Make me another peg and you also join me!
C-Okies!!..Your wish is my command babu moshai!!

(V is singing this Bengali song in the background

Stops all of a sudden..)

V- Chinnu babu, you know what these lines mean?
“Deep jola shondhay, ridoyer janalay
Kaannar khacha sudhu rekhechi
Pakhi seto asheni, tumi bhalobashoni.
Shopner jaal britha bunechi”

C-Arre Vikash babu, you expect me to know Bangla or what?
V- Well, its like this….

“One evening, at the window of heart,
(he) I always kept a weeping cage.
The bird never came, nor did (she)you love me(him)
The dream I (he) saw was worthless"

C-Hmmm..intresting!!.You inspired me to write a poem!!
V- Arre wah Chinnu!!..Andhera mein baet ke yehi kaam karta hein kya?..(Literally means ‘is this the work you do sitting in darkness?)
C-Andhera? (Darkness?)
V- The place where you stay babu..
C- Oh!!..thats Andheri (and begins laughing)
V- Wherever.. Now lets finish this HALF..Be ready for a BOTTOM’S UP and after that I’ll write a poem!
C-haila Vikash babu!!..Lets see what comes out from your quill!!
V- cha aila!!.. underestimating me or what?..here you go..CHEERS!!!
C- Nothing like that Vikash babu!!.cheers to you as well..

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