June 11, 2009

Business People

Millions of people in suits, boots, briefcases and hats,

All doing the same thing.

They quickly wipe their boots on the mats,

Some even put their rubbish in the bin.

Grab a quick bite to eat,

Then quickly check their spreadsheets.

Rushing out of the door,

Barely stopping to say bye to the children.

They almost miss the bus,

But they manage to get a seat with the local actress.

Everyday the same itinerary,

Everyday the same things.

It's no wonder business people get bored of their living!

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P.S: I'm not very good in any kind of poetry... I'm just attempting :)


  1. Rosh... it was a very good attempt! :)

    And instead of the whole blog address you can type ROSHWRITES and select it... then in the options where you have the font, text color, you have an option called LINK... click on it, paste your blog link, and its done! :)

  2. thank you Aarthi :) thanks for the encouragement as well!

  3. u pictured d corporate life 2 a large extent by tis work...nice 1!!


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