May 18, 2009

WL definitions 1

The Superhero is not responsible for the insanity in this post.All definitions are based on StepMAN's creative brain and its copyright protected under US act.The hero has treated each member of this lounge as an entity , Co ordinator or a process.Its because he is inspired from Distributed Computing in Network Systems.StepMAN urges all the software Engineers from Writers Lounge to forgive the superhero for breaking the SWE Protocol and violating code of ethics for the same .This is for fun and purely done for masti.Blame Sandeep Balan for the masti Mondays.Here we define :)

1.Sandeep: It is the art in which one cordinator pulls and makes mockery of another co ordinator through means of humour coupled with emotions ,feelings and philosophy.The humour quotient of this entity is too high.The process here tries to attract other co ordinates attention

2.Asbah: The process of staying away from the Lounge irrespective of holding an important position.The Variant of Asbah is called Rashism.

3.Ste: The art of making fun of the cordinator at its own expense. Here the process is uniquely identified with the jokes made by other co ordinators.

4.Hashan:When a bit of masti is coupled with Sandeep then we get a new entity called Hashan.Its a variant of Sandeep.

5.Leo:The art of writing poetries. The other variants of the same are Pink Orchid,Prats etc.

6.Tan:The unique tendency of a process to derive inspiration from others work to such an extent that the process itself may try to come up with new ideas and concepts.

7.Chirag:Its the threshold limit of a process in execution where the process gets over operated and erroneous effects.This is the highlight of this process.

8.Sonshu:The process tries to work out for a unique indentification by certain claims with certain nicknames. Eg. the entity may try to call it as a prince of a non existing land.

9.Lover:Its is love, betrayal and emotions coupled with poetries.

10:Maverick : When sadness and darkness cross the threshold limit,Maverick is formed who di splays a gamut of emotions through dark poems.

11.Anurag:The art of hiding or staying away from the lounge for a certain period of time. The variants are Dish,Priyanka,Akansha etc.

12.Aarthi: Its the process at the excited level .

hope the definations were funny:) More defintions coming:p


  1. the definitions are funny yet true...!!!

    waiting for the rest..!!!

  2. Yeah right!

    Those were well defined... Sandeep - hmm... best one :)

    And yes... Its obvious that Tan is always confused... The definition proves the same ... hehehehe... :P

  3. hey steppy...fuuny post...
    loved the ones aby sandeep n ste...

    wud luv to know who is behind that mask...stepman..

  4. 8.Sonshu:The process tries to work out for a unique indentification by certain claims with certain nicknames. Eg. the entity may try to call it as a prince of a non existing land.

    Very funny! But sonshuland exists!!!hehhe nice defos

  5. Lol...

    Me...process at the excited level...!!

    Thanks StepMAN! :P



  6. me the likes of Pinkie n Leo ???

    *faints in honor*

  7. Wow.....da story of my birth.....:P :P :P

    Makes me feel lik sum exotic mythological dark prince! :P :P :P

    wateva! luvd da definitions! kewllll! \m/

  8. @pratsie,

    overkill! :P

    me n kaju would be the likes of u n not other way round.

    wrong defn steppy! :P

  9. hahaha...we are "the partners in crime" ...loved Tan's one:D ROTFL :D

  10. omg omg!!! this is so brilliant, utterly hilarious ! loved it so much lol

    very very observational ste :D

    i loved all the definition :D


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