May 10, 2009

WL Cricket quiz -8

hello iam again with the cricket quiz yet the interest for this quiz is not good
but still iam again here and i will never end it

first of all the answers of last quiz.

1.who hit the 200th six in the IPL -2?
answer:-yuvraj singh

2.who is the first batsman to given out by third umpire in a test match?
answer:-sachin tendulkar

3.identify the batsman who got bowled?
answer:-simon katich

4.which umpire got retiered recently?
answer:-steve bucknor

5.identify the wicket keeper?

answer:-kumar sangakara

and the winner is :-
again no one

now this week's questions

1.who got man of the series in the WC-99?

2.which cricketer's bat afridi use when he hit fastest hundred in ODI?

3.which england batsman got out on the ball of the century which is bowl by warne? many runs sourav ganguly made in his last test inning?

5.which cricketer's nick name is jammy?

send your answers to my mail id( last date for sending answers is 16 may till 8PM.

again no winner so again no badge


  1. all the best to the participants :)

  2. chirag bhai, all baar badge pakka ready with a new

  3. It's a lil' tough for me :( Don't know all the answers.

  4. Mr. Chirag.. u got my mail??

    I hope all the answers are correct:P

  5. Mr. chirag......

    Nice and easy quiz.........



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