May 14, 2009

He is so perfect..

This poem i write especially for the adorable, amazingly perfect Edward (Twilight). I'd have wished Bella said this to edward...He's the perfect vampire..and its difficult to justify so ive tried my best!
To Edward!

I see your figure hovering around
glittering and shining in the sunlight
Oh it takes my breath away
You're shimmering like crystals
and that makes you frail

Your eyes are filled with depth
also so much passion
Your smile makes me dizzy
and i am intoxicated by your smell

You run the fastest
you are the strongest
Nothing about you makes me say
"Oh you are not perfect"

You wrap your arms protectively around me
your touch gives me a shiver
Your hands are freezing cold
colder than ice
but that's where i feel the safest
and that's where i want to remain
Oh my dear let me be here as i feel no pain

P.S: Do comment and tell me how it was?
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  1. Sonshu,

    I would say...I loved it!

    Had a kiddo sort of a touch to it...but you carried it well.



  2. Hmm..had a kiddo touch??? well lets just say im a kid then! thnx!

  3. cute vampire Sonu ;)..Does she bite?

  4. Go Bella...cute poem...delightful read..
    hmmm...i'm thinkin about writin a poem for kristen stewart...will do it by tonite... the pic...

  5. yeah i've seen your Edward n bella today :) Edward is hansome n bella is so pretty !!

  6. @Hashan: Yep Robert pattinson is good and Kristen too..But i imagine a more handome edward the way stephanie describes! But i like robert a lot!

  7. sonu lebel your poem under "Vampire series"

  8. @Hashan: Hmm...i will! But then whats the reason behind series???

  9. sonu..just to consolidated under one label :)

  10. nice one sonu...not a twilight follower bu sonu monu writes very sweetly :D
    flowin' with the flow,eh?

  11. Edward... *drooool* Seriously..

    I know Im not supposed to be teenagy and all but what the hell..

    You know Edward is one of the MAIN reasons I actually love someone. (sorry)

    But yeah! Blame Edward for it!

  12. Wish I knew the story ... the big fuss about this Edward :)

    Well written kid :)

  13. @RV: Raash, everyone drools ovur him! He's a droolable material! hahahah!!!!

  14. lovely Sonshu. I adore the innocence in your poems..


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