May 14, 2009

then she walked away...

Inspired by Kajal's post here

She picked up the letter and read it.
He did not had the courage to face her.
Then she asked, "Can i keep it?"
He was puzzled but still managed to give a nod.
then she walked away after telling him to call her later.
"God! This is the last call" he thought to himself.


  1. Wow what a reply? Amazing! And im all the more happy coz it EDWARD AND BELLA!!! WOHOOO!!! NICE PICSY

  2. i know u will love the pic atleast !!! ;)

  3. I took a year to call him back.. we are good friends till date..

    but a wonderful continuation Prats.. touching.. :)

  4. i didnt ask u sonshu .. but miss R !!

  5. Rob! *Drool* Edward *Drooooooooooool*

    Ok back to the post, I shall continue! :)

    ME likey! <3

  6. didn't understand the end prats...a bit dubious...i dunno may be jus my mind ...

    n :) loved the pic...whats up with the vampire fever suddenly...i thought i was the only one who liked those vile n sexy creatures...

  7. the girl walked away asking the guy to call her later ,.. and the guy thinks its gonna b the last call .. thats it Arun :)

  8. Pls continue nd finish it prats.... Am very curious....

  9. Of course your write is awesome. Please continue it!

  10. achcha tou Edward mahashay yehi hai,handsome hai :)

    nice write Pratsie :)

  11. thanksie R !! i was jst kidding ;)

    @Hashan : thankuuu !!

  12. Picking up the paper was curious and wanting to keep it was really wonderful.

    Liked the significance of these 55 words in the lives of the two here. I am sure they would do good in their own ways...

    Good take...

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  14. thanks Tan ... glad i left it at a point for others to carry on :)


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