May 21, 2009


Episode 7

"Huh?" Josh said..his jaws dropped open looking at her room. It was huge..about the size of his living room and bedroom together. It had a huge pink bed in the center. And the walls were baby pink in color. The others were just doors. So he couldnt guess what they were.

"Do you have a sister or something?" he asked shocked.

"Nope!" she replied happily moving around in search of the book.

"" he stammered for words.

"Its all mine" she answered.

"Wow!!! I mean its totally cool. But then its all pink so umm..." he said.

"Hmm..its a girls room..and pink's my favorite color too." she said

"Well and it does suit you very well" he said moving closer to her. She was wearing a pink shirt and a white skirt. She looked like a doll with two ponies.

" You look pretty.." he said looking into her eyes

"Uh...."she stammered dazzled. "Thanks.." she said finally.

"Here's the book" she handed him her notebook.

"Wanna go for dinner tonight? Theres this new restaurant down the road." he asked doubtfully.

"Hmm....." she thought." Okies!"

"Well then see you at 7 outside your house." he said.

"Oh..okie. bye" she sad and closed the door.


Knock knock..

Stella knocked at the door. She'd been there since five minutes but no one had come.

"Did he fool me or something? He's a moron" she said judging.

Then suddenly someone opened the door. She looked in her mid thirties. She was wearing a long night gown.

"May i see Justin" she asked doubtfully.

"Oh sure sweetie" the lady answered. "Jessie come on someone has come for you"she screamed

"Mom dont call me that. Whose come??" he asked coming running down the stairs. He saw Stella standing in the doorway. He was furious.

"Whyd you come here?" he asked her rudely.

"Well remember i was to collect notes from you and you gave me your address?" she asked

"No now please get out of here. " he screamed at her " Why d you come where you are not invited."

She was in tears. No one had ever shouted at her like that. She walked out wondering why she came. She decided "This is the end of never looking at him again"

Justin ran up to his room and hit the bed. He cried. He'd never cried in his life. Why was he crying now?

" wasnt even her fault....why? Justin you are the rudest creature that existed" he scolded himself. "Poor girl..she was in tears...First go talk to her in the morning if she even looks at your face.."


  1. going good sweetie !! wonder where it all leads to !!


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