May 8, 2009

random post

'Where there is will,there's a way'

Vry true.almost in most cases.lyk nw i finally found a way to write a post frm ds net on my sister's its too lengthy n wait worthy task so i wnt attempt again.

Neway m returning to blore n bloggng ds mnday.. N here r sm lyns i wrote ths evng :

Some memories hold you,
Some memories you hold,
Vaccum is your heart
When words remain untold..

Ok frnds.. Thats all fr nw.wl catch up soon.

Lv ya all sooo vry mch.


  1. beautiful lines Pratsie.. missing ya.. come back sooooooooon! :)

  2. retrng 2 blore sunday evng dear bt wl lounge as b4 nly on mnday nyt.. Wl read n write al i can !!

  3. Missin u Prats..Hope u r njoin @home..phir idhar aake wohi ghisa pita office, so njoi karlo ji bharke :)..

  4. ya true hashan.. Me too wondering the same.. Jst countng hrs nw! Bt i m dyng to be on lounge lyk before..

  5. welcome back to blore n blogging

  6. nt yet there aparna! Bt wl b in anthr 48 hrs :)


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