May 22, 2009


Sarah was running along the sea shore as she spotted a group of rogues chasing her.She removed her high heeled shoes so that she could accelerate her speed.She was already tired after attending the business forum.She was feeling thirsty.She turned back to see if the fiends were still following her.There was no one in sight for miles. She tried calling Vicky,her boyfriend.The phone line was busy.
Probably this was the worst nightmare in her life.It was 1.45 am and she was famished.Soon,her phone was out of charge.She was helpless.
And of sudden,she could hear someone screaming and screeching.She turned around to see who it was.
A group of thugs slaughtered a young man by cutting him into peices.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,"Sarah screamed.

"Abhey sale STE,channel change kar yaar boring movie hai re,terror naam ki koi cheez hai ,"Sandeep said to Ste.

"Chal Fashion TV laga,let me see supermodel Alek Wek," he added.

Ste soon changed to channel number 46 and they both watch Ftv.
They were devoid of something that was going to happen.Reporter Sarah was sitting next them, whom they had just seen on a TV channel.

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