May 9, 2009

Mystery of you...

This is my first post at the LOUNGE and i wrote this poem last night when i was all sleepy so sorry if its not good!

I see your white figure moving in the room
Its just a silhoutte with no flesh
"Oh please tell me the mystery of you?"
is the question i ask to you

Kids are afraid of you
Moms dont believe it
Grandpas tell us legend about none other
than you!

You are so famous
A legend indeed
The beginning and ending of many stories
"Oh please tell me the mystery of you?"

Some cant see you
Othere feel you're illusions
You're the protagonist of every horror movie and
The villain of every love story

Sometimes you're headless
and other times you are body-less
Sometimes you go into a person
while others you were once a person

Ghost is you're name
You can be the part of every game
Sometimes you're good
while others you're bad

All this puzzles me a lot
one question is what ive got
"Oh ghost please tell me the mystery of you?"


  1. gud
    ummm..the 8th line was a bit confusing...check it out k

  2. Gud work princess.. Nice.. Keep it up.. N y u sayin sorry ma????????????
    U r not here to impress some one.. U r here to let ur thots flow freely ! Soo keep on writin honey..V all r here to support u.. Every writer has got their own style.. Every one is different n unique in their own ways.. So r u !!
    Chowwy if i was a li'l rude..
    Happy Lounging :)
    NIce poem..

  3. this is so vry cute dear sonshu.. N the nly persom u shud wory to impress is ur heart.. If u njy writng anythng,others wl love readng it..

  4. okay! now i read ur first poem earlier itself but since this is first, i will give my intro here itself! :)

    Welcome to WL Sonshu and hope you will have a great time here! am Vinay, aka Leo here at WL, and I am a small poet as well!

    i loved reading this poem so much dear. only thing i am averse to in this work is the SORRY in the first line! u r not here to impress anyone as Vasudha says! :)
    write from ur heart, we'll read from ours and u have a brilliant piece!

    take care! :)

  5. @Freelancer: As i said i wrote it at night so might be mistakes!

  6. @Leo: Ive read ur blog! I will keep what u said in mind! And i will write for myself!

  7. Hey Gal,

    That was sweet.. Straight from the heart. Keep writing

  8. Cute one princess :)) where u stay in b'lore?

  9. @Hashan: my castle! ahahha! i stay in bangalore somewhere

  10. Oh!
    Sweet... GHOST???
    WHO IS THAT NOW? I Wonder... :P

  11. I read it at your blog.. and this was so innocent.. :D


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