May 23, 2009

Me and my friends :)

so, today is Saturday. The day dedicated to friends :)

I have always believed that you never need words to explain your love for others.
but i would say it explicitly today,
I love you all!

I love my co-founders, my co-admins (priyanka included) so much that it is beyond the grasp of words to explain! and the members here, from whom I learned as much as i could, who'd brighten up my day :) who'd encourage me to write and to share my feelings! who'd let me be the saner me, and i survived! right now, i am so overwhelmed by emotions that it is not even becoming coherent - i apologies for the gibberish :)

I have also read that you should never explain, because those who care will never need it, and those who don't care - well why would you explain to people who dont care in the first place :)

so, I took the easy one, the non-explaining bit :)

with bestest of wishes, love and prayers!
always yours,


  1. nice one! makes da day all da more meaningful! am sure everyone feels da same way about! u r all dat nd much more to us! nd u knw dat, dnt u! :)


  2. Awweeee Asbah, we love ya too... :)

    At least I DO!! :)

    *Love and hugs*




  3. That makes more sense than anything else :D We all love you too Asbah :)

  4. Dear Asbah..

    Hmmm.. I love you! Nice to know you my dear friendy!

  5. Asbah :)

    ab hum kya bolein... let me just say that i care and i dont need explanations :)

  6. hey.. asbah.... asbah... asbah.. heheh

    I love u and all the others here just as much as u do.... Just a pleasure knowing u all ppl... This is best part of WL for me.. :)

    hehehe.. see.. i almost gave an explanation :P


  7. Rabb Hum sabki dosti salamat rakhe !!


  8. this was the bestest way to say your heart !!


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