May 19, 2009

luvin' it

Love... to most it's an expression...

to me it's a way of life which i can't live..

I've had so many crushes before(sorry princess Nuchu....wait a minute.. you've had loads too!!!)
but not one of them clicked.. you know you've had a dozen boyfriends/girlfriends before you actually settled down for one??

I feel kinda left out when my friends are in courtship... makes me kinda jealous..
But to see them go through that emotional phase.. makes me feel wise ( ah ahhah..i told you so!!)

But.. i skipped stage 1 and jumped directly to stage 13..
it's really crazy i tell you... got married at 19...(what were you doing when you're 19)??
Just think about it.. this ain't 1600 AD where marriages this early are common..
So you can roughly imagine what i'm going through and what i'm missing out on...(my youth)

Nonetheless, It's been 2 years since i got married, just turned 22, living an adult life and the only thing that drives me everyday is my one and only princess!!!

I can not express my love.. no matter how much i try... yet she knows i do deep inside..
i can't go any further because it's just not me.. but she's the best thing that ever happened to me...
There are no candle lit dinners, there are no waltzing, there are no sparks of romance...

Just this re-assuring feeling that we have each other no matter what..
She's not my wife... She is me..

I love you Nuchu!!!!!


  1. hi bro..nice to finally meet you...been knowing you only in princess nuchu's poems... :-)

    No need for intros...for you have penned it down awesomely...the story of your life..loved it..

    N happy B'day dude...

  2. enjoyed the honesty in this post !! :)

  3. LOL! that was mindblowing beautiful :D

    Birthday birthday :)

    and wow, really good knowing you :)
    so how does it feel like getting married at 19 :P ?

  4. woaaa Ziyad.. that was some honesty.. all we need for a bond to survive blissfully is to have honesty and trust.. :) you two are so lucky and fortunate to have each other. my wishes are with you. :)

  5. Awwwwwww.... this is so sweet Ziyaad! I know how much you love my sis. She is so lucky to have you! :)

    God Bless! :D


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