May 16, 2009


Ah the nightangle croons,
Haunting tunes.
Dark clouds shroud the moon

The breeze whisper,
Sweet nothings,
Baiting me,

I hunger for your touch…..

Desire rises its head,
Like a snake, sneaks
And I meek

Its you I seek…..

The ivory sheen,
The lilting melody
And your crimson gleam

I quiver

Take me unto yourself,
Drink my life juices
Inculcate me

In you….

You eyes seduces,
I am pliant, all ready
Come take me,

Taste the ecstasy..

Let me fly,
While you enjoy
My blood

Indulge in me …

Can you hear my heart thud?
For you, it beats,
In my death.. Lets rejoice

In this dark desire..

Oneness of love,
Dance of eternity,


P.S: This is an old poem of mine that I wrote in my blog. With all the vampirish post I thought to post this :-)

P.P.S: Reposted today as yesterday was not the cross posting weekend :-)


  1. it was such a lustful write !! lust for blood and oneness !! awesome one as usual dear !!

  2. beautiful lines.. I got carried to a different world for sometime..:)

    p.s. Meena, resposting from personal blog is allowed only during weekends. could you please schedule to tomorrow morning? Hope you will understand..

    I really liked the poem..

  3. Oh I did! The freaky thing is .. its posting it now with tomorrows date :O

  4. lol.. then save it as a draft and publish it tomorrow. if i remember i will publish it myself.. thanks for understanding girl..

  5. out in a different world
    you took us for a while
    thats indeed different...!!!

    nice one dear...!!!

  6. eitherway, i take it as a Terror friday, with a tad of eerie love!

    chilly, i must say, chilly to the core.

    i like this genre of poetry, prats do we have a name for it?

    writing something in a slight similar way, i hope i post it sometime soon!

  7. lust n love combined in a beautiful piece:)

  8. Sam thanks :)

    Yamini thank you :)

    asbah right? Its called dark poetry.. though i have not really been very dark out here :)

    Comfortably numb thank you :)


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