May 16, 2009

Love Is Rare, Friendship Is Rarer ♥

The joy i shared
Miseries disappeared
when Tears i shed
your shoulder to lay my head
Never ending talks
Loud lasting laughs
Crazy on the roads
Shaking booty in the pubs

Shopping at the malls

Eating at McDonald's

The city we rule

Together we look cool

The pillow fight

Gossiping at late night

Bitching our birthright

Eating Maggie at midnight

We are Bunch of devils

Set free to raise the hell

People think we are freaks

Do we look like we care??

We are friends for life

Quarrels wouldn't last long

Promise we make

we would never break

You held my hand tight

When he broke my li'l heart

Together we will fight

For me you are the sunlight

We are the bestest pals

More like sisters

I thank heavens

For such sweet angels

You are my lover

Here i wanna declare

Best Friends forever
Boyfriends Whatever !

P.S : For my lovely notorious frens. I miss 'em lyk hell n love lyk crazyyy <3 ..They are insane psycho freaks jus like me.. There's so much more i wanna write. The sizzling Saturday with friends is so awesomely kewl.. I dunno wat d heck is wrong wit dis stupid font !!

Happy Weekend :)


  1. I was a lovely one :)) missin my college days :(

  2. The best gifts.. our friends... Well written

  3. @Hashan
    Thanx dear :)..
    Ya i can understand.. Cherish those moments..

  4. hhahaaaha you made me miss so many friends of mine.. :)

    Best Friends forever
    Boyfriends Whatever !

    lol... you rule girl!!

  5. Pink
    Thanx dear..
    Yea its so true tat v forget everythin when v r wit frens, even bfs.. LoL !!

  6. missing dose glorious days of college life:(
    beautiful stuff:)

  7. Numb
    Heheheh yeah it does remind u old days isnt it?? Those were the best days of my life :))

  8. hahaha:)
    cute nice..n a lovely poem to remind me my friends :P

    loved it--Friends forever, Boyfriends whateve!!


  9. I miss my buddies... Nice poem ..

  10. Rose
    Thanx dear :)
    Stick to the rules Friends foreva, bf wateva lol :p


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