May 19, 2009

I love You

I love you.. I want you.. I need you.. I can't live without you.. How many of you people have said that to anyone? .. I have been blessed by GOD and i was able to say that to my loved one.. Even though things didn't work out but i sorta take comfort in the fact.... So i just wana say that dont wait to say such things to you loved ones because life is so short.. that you never know whats going to happen... The only comfort for my broken heart is that i was able to say all those things....
Don't wait.. Don't Hesitate... Just Do it...

The line "i can't live without you" sounds cheezy to me as you if things dont work out.. You don't die you keep on living... Its hard but you do keep living...


  1. looks like we are missing in content at WL. Just a opinion after reading this.

  2. :)

    wat was this post about??? just a scribble???

  3. I totally get wat u said ..... :)


  4. you scribbled your first post through.. would be expecting more content in your posts from next time on.. keep writing.. welcome to the family.. :)

  5. Im not a writer.. I dont write .. i just share stuff...

  6. welcome LPS !! hope u dnt mind being called so ... i usually dnt call full names !! n i really liked this thought !! flash thought but deep :)

  7. No i dont mind being called LPS...I sorta like it... thnx for the appreciation...

  8. It was nice you shared ur feelings here..
    I agree -- you shud tlk your heart out-- also-- if thngs don't wrk out life goes on..


  9. yeah LPS is kinda, good!

    and ur post had a piece of advice, well received :)



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