May 13, 2009

Hello loungers ..

I know a lot has been said about my leaving lounge ...
I am overwhelmed by the love and respect you people show for me ..
Pulkit, FL, Hashan, Sonshu, R, Leo, Pinkie, Raash, Aarthi,Tan,Abhri,Ilashree .... a special mention to you people to so strongly oppose my decision .. and finally letting me have my time to think things over ...

Let me be frank here ... I am a person who takes risks, makes mistakes, does blunders when experimenting with life... but then i am a fearful, over reactive, insecure girl who doesnt like anyone speaking bad about herself... I will go to any heights to know why some one is upset with me and try my best to do justice. My biggest folly is i speak and act without giving any thought to things ..

About this guest scene, I decided to quit lounge a week back itself.. but Leo and Rashi stopped me .. even i decided not to bother .. but i do care .. it hurts to see ur name being spoiled like this .. to see your friends being called flatterers, to see people mocked and warned not to support me .. to see people like sonshu being targetted with advises .. I dnt know of others, i wasnt prepared to take this ... its so damn irritating to sit and see all this happen ..

I am sorry friends ... I let you all down when i removed myself from lounge !
I am very ashamed that i let some one rule my days and nights for this long !

Today morning i got a message from a friend "Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% what reaction you give".... I admit i gave a wrong reaction.. Even if i am guilty of a crime to some one, i need to stand up to it !

I promise guest, i wnt refuse to accept my mistake if pointed out .. all i ask is a chance to speak openly ! Rest is in "your friend's" hands ...

I have never done any wrong knowingly ..
And whatever i have done, i leave it on God to decide my fate!
No human can rule me! no human can be my God !

I am what I am!
Good or bad, Its upto no one to judge!