May 16, 2009

Friendship - our bond....

Since todays theme at WL is Friendship, i decided to post this poem, my friend and i wrote some days back...

My friend and i have shared a very strong and close bond ever since childhood. We had to part ways when we were young but thanks to facebook that we meet again and we are friends now...He has grown and so have i but still our friendship remains strong...

We do fight, argue but at the end of it...we're back together joking and smiling..This poem isnt rhyming..its just written to describe or tell u about our friendship in some lines... Some people even teased us....(abt u knw what) but it never affected our friendship as we knew what we were to each other! After all boys and girls can be friends! Cant they? I consider him my bade bhaiya now! (hes not my age!)

I see a boy walking across the path with a school bag
he has a lovely smile on his face
And that makes me feel great
I say hello

He says it too

And sooner than you know

We are the best of friends in town

We play board games

And scoring ones too

and all this we do together

The next day too we play again

Laughing and chattering

But one day we both say bye

As time has come to go different ways

After some years she gets a message

On her email

That her friend has found her

They meet again but only through chats and not in person

He is there with her when she is sad

also when she's smiling away

She consoles him when he's fought with a friend

They're there for each other all along...

Even though time has passed

and people have changed

one thing just isnt affected by it

Of course its their lovely friendship....

Oh what a sweet blend!

Do tell me how it was....we wrote it for our friendship...


  1. sonshu , loved your nicee poem about sweet blend called 'friendship'.

    today i'm just visiting WL again and read friendship related blog entries...missing my friend heavily ...he left today....don't know when will get chance to meet him again....

  2. This is gr8..

    Even I am insearch of my lost buddy.. but, still haven't found... :(

  3. it was wow! simple lines but so touching. god bless your friendship.. :)

  4. @Nuchu: i hope u'll find ur friend! thnx!


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