May 14, 2009

Flowers on grave

The alternate paras here are written by one of my friend.. he messaged the first para to me and i decided to continue .. thus within 6 test messages, this poem was written.

I saw you sitting and crying.
I asked you why ??
You did not answer,
I tried to hold your hand.
But you walked away
wiping your tears.
Then only i realized,
you were sitting on my grave!

A flower bloomed in the dirt
that covered your grave,
the red of your blood
adorned the white petals.
your tears glistened
in the dew drops i touched.
and then i realized
you still live on...

When the tear fell of your eyes,
life suddenly blossomed again..
When the sands of my grave
slithered through your hands,
it bore your touch,that
made my grave breathe again..

The weeds covered well
other graves but not mine,
it was full of vibrant
shades of flowers...
each day you sat by my side,
i wish to comfort you,
to hug you so tight...
wish i could let you free
and see your smiles bloom again.


  1. So pretty! So painfully nice.. Soothing somehow! I want more duets like these :)

  2. so beautiful Prats... ! I loved the second stanza the most.. :D

  3. The last para...just so nicely written:)

  4. soooooo touching...
    reading the 2nd part again n again...

  5. sure Raash !! bus ek barabari ka poet/petess chahiye !! aur mood is verrrry important :)

  6. @Pinkie : thanks ... even i love them a lot !!

  7. thanks for the read and liking rose !

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