May 16, 2009

Big Hug to all my family members here!!

Friends Forever. That's what we are. All of us here. Friendship is like birds shit. You have to be lucky enough and blessed for it to land on you :-). And with so many birds out here, its hard to miss out.

Thanks and a big flying salute to all my fellow birdies for this rain which has whitewashed me and ensured that I am the luckiest out there.

A big hug to all of you for accepting the theme based days. It's just an experiment to ensure that we all challenge ourselves to write on themes we are not comfortable with and grow as writers. We all are impulsive writers and like to go with the flow, but we at the lounge write at the drop of a hat...we challenge our writing abilities....we help out others who are not strong enough in one area and grow as writers....the intent is that. And to see you all participate in the friendship day with full vigour has left me speechless. Love you all. And yaa....nothing is constant at our lounge. Change is what we believe in, and change is what we will give you. Each month will see something new @ our lounge, apart from the contests.

Theme based days is just one of the many experiments here friends. No two minds think alike. That what was expected out of different writers churning out their own flavour of the theme of the day. Seeing different takes on friendship has ignited my curiosity to find out what all shades of other days we will see here from different pens here. Phew....we do have some talented bunch here, no doubts on that. Honoured to have you all here. Friends forever!


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  1. it sure was fun writing on this theme.. looking forward to read and write on other themes too. thanks for this change..

  2. yeah.. exactly.. challange!

    although i told you i get confuse in posting what, where ;) but that will be sorted out :D

    *hi 5*

    friends, yes :)

  3. he he...
    we all will get whitewashed.... :D

    We have a situation here...and we ll all rise for it...

    Come on.... :)

  4. its a good idea no doubt .. i just fear too much of same theme considering 80 memebers will b thinking to write ;) or worst will be monotony !! imagine reading 20+ sad poems on wednesday !!! God !! some one will find it too depresing .. but lets see fr a month atleast :)

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  6. i strongly second prats..about the reason and highly predictive monotony arising out of this...wat else can i say now!

  7. @prats

    I agree pratsie...thats why have always used the word "experiment"...haven't we always toyed around with different concepts...don't we know that everytime we do that we see the best emerge out of's just one of the experiments to realize the dream we saw when we made this place...a dream of a talented bunch taking on challenges thrown at them and amazing us with that streak of creativity which beats the blue out of monotony....haven't we seen that time and again with "rain drenched lounge", "inspiration", "lol".....lets see this experiment as a daily contest where instead of a month that the contest runs, we will only have days....

    and you trust me with the fact that i personally will ensure that monotony never takes over this space...don't you? Rest assured that me and all others here will keep on injecting new stuff here that monotony will not have faced till date ;-)

  8. @nik

    its a defeat for me as a writer the day i feel that emotions like love, sadness, fear, friendship can only be written in one way....Having seen the talent we have here...having read almost every post here...having savoured same yet so strikingly different takes on the same subject by the members here...i beg to differ that highly predictive monotony has ever troubled us till date...even in contests where the same theme has continued for one whole month....

    Fun, Love, Sadness, Laughter, Fear, Friendship....these are has so many shades...even sad ones for that matter...sometimes the things you do when you are head over heels in love are hilarious....sometimes love stories are motivations...some yearn for their loved one....when something has so many shades, how can it ever be "highly" predictive monotony nik....and we are speaking of a single day here...not even months of the same theme like in contests...and moreover...its just an experiment....


  9. @ pratz and niks

    I think we can try this...
    It does seems to have some glitches.. But i am sure we can take care of it..

    everyone has a different style of writing and they inspire every member and reader over here..

    I was never comfortable with poetry but pratz u helped me and inspired me to give it a try..

    I think we can use this as an opportunity to come out of our own comfort zone and try new things...

    Lets give it a shot... :)

  10. I agree with sandeep...the themes can be written in variety of forms avoiding monotony...its the role of us writer to avoid monotony...

  11. i never said i wnt and cant write ;) !! that was just a doubt ... am all for the experiments, lessons and the best of writes !!

    Write on !!

  12. Yahoo!!!!

    I have my poetry teacher now..... :)





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