May 5, 2009

Am I Turning into an Emo???

Though I have you with me… I feel alone.

Though I share each and every thing with you…my heart is still heavy..

Though I laugh outside… I cry inside.

Though I am very happy..I write poems as If I am heart broken..

Though I love to tie up my hair..I leave it to flow in the air and have a hair cut covering my one eye..

Though Pink is my favourite color.. I yearn for black dresses...

Though I know it pains if I cut my skin.. Still I do...


Is It all because… I am not satisfied with what I have?????

Am I earning for more love or wish to be in dark?????

P.S. In short... I am going crazy!


  1. What you need is a break. Go out with friends, shopping or just an afternoon out. Hopefully you'll feel better. Break away from routine. :) Works for me. Might work for you too :)

  2. you are a sweet heart.. as R said.. please take a break from routine and you will be super fine! :) *hugzz*

  3. Have fun gal..Dont think too much :) Dance like nobody is watching :D sing like everyone is deaf :D

  4. @ All: Awwwww babies.. I crying now.. out of happiness.. Love you all..

    Will try to keep myself happy..:)

    Thank you guys.. :)

  5. Hehehe. Don't cry. Just turn off that PC and spend some quality time with yourself :)

  6. can't think of giving better advice than you already got 4m Ms. R.
    chill n njoy!!!

  7. take care Princess N! :)

    have a nice break release the energy! :D

    Ms.R seems to be quite the advice specialist! i agree with her! :)

  8. Wateva u have written is wat i feel most of d time honey :(
    Any way m commentin very late.. Hope u fine now.. Jus chill chill, Jus chill ! :p


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