April 8, 2009

The Solitary Ring

Hi guys... been so long since I posted last. Had my exams(yuck!), and other stuff going around.... I missed WL!! But here I am once again, this time with a poem inked on the paper of reality... Hope its a reasonable return!!! ;P Enjoy....

Burdened and strained my sight wanders,
Lands upon the cold night crescent,
Eyes close and twitch..with a sought after wish,
To restore the sanctity....and once again, not to face the end..

They were several, the months of jeopardised existence,
Spent alone, being friends with walls
That moment was one hell of the demons claw,
The one in which you disconnected the 'final call'..

It fell apart,
I was stranded on an empty road,
Left alone with that unbound restiveness,
And the broken ring, to coruscate it more...

But safely I hid the broken piece,
In the mud..out in the field,
So I could take it out the day I see,
The sunrise on the beach, with you besides me...

Hope was all that was left,
A strong belief that you will return,
Hours and days and weeks and months,
Time stopped, My wishes didn't...

Then a day came, infact 'THE DAY' came,
Despair got flogged by the hands of hope,
Though we had started talking a fortnight ago........

That night LOVE triumphed.....

You said "it", and the ring emerged,
Through the wet sand....and life eloped!

Or so it seemed?? Cause' the demons are here,
They go nowhere,
Mistakes were realized, but still were repeated,
Frustration surrounded,
The purpose defeated!!

Alas! It was an illusion of the desire,
A week to bolster the "fall" a bit higher!
You were not the defaulter, neither was I,
But now why do "I" feel, the urge to say goodbye???

What not i did?
What not i sacrificed?,
For us to see the sun together,
Of what not I got deprived?

Now I hold the Solitary Ring,
Isolate and and desolate, in the dead centre of my palm,
I know not what the truth is, I know not how to get you along..

You haven't changed,
So your silence will doubtlessly repeat,
At my every question,
So I already comprise inconceivable defeat...

But it has not yet reached the end, You are not yet gone,
I am puzzled to solve you, been through hell and beyond!
Left again with the hope to once again get reborn,
and too many questions...and the fear of the next dawn....................

PS: Based on true incidents.
(Tc guys.. n il try 2 b regular.... ;P)


  1. read and loved it already on your blog !!

  2. woww...... nice to knw that its a real incident. ..make sure

    u dnt repost again

    hope u wont

    and welcome back again

  3. thanx dude... but i dint get ur reposting part actually! sry dint und!!


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