April 20, 2009

Security concern !!

About a couple of hours ago I've been to a near by SBI ATM.Thanks to the near by bad ING Vysa ATM there was a long queue at the SBI.after waiting really long half an hour I was second in position to enter into the ATM room.when the person came out after withdrawing the money,the person in front of me closed the ATM door..I was wondering what he was up to.He made sure that the door is properly closed then dip the card opened the door, got in.Again made sure the door was closed.He swiped the card at the ATM machine checked the balance,swiped the card withdrawn some money,checked his right and left counted the money,again swiped the card checked his balance and finally he came out..I Thanked him for coming out of the ATM room and giving me the opportunity to get in, I entered into the ATM room.


  1. Hashan... that should be a learning for all of us here. This is the way it should be. While in ATM and while handling Credit/Debit cards please be cautious - at times, be extra cautious. Things may change in fraction of a second...

    Thanks for pulling our attraction to this. Do follow what that man did and be concerned..

    Now... relllllllllaaaaaxxx.... Phew!!

  2. his behavious seems suspicious....

  3. he he...funny incident.... :D
    but yes I agree with TAN too....

  4. I love these posts on WL!
    they provide the real variety!

  5. @prats
    :D Just wanted to let u know the incident

  6. @ Tan
    May be you are right Big B :))but i was irritated at that moment

  7. @ Aparna
    haha..it looks suspesious but was not, he may be thought I am a hacker :p and will steal all his money

  8. @ vitruvian boy

    yarr tumne apna naam nahi bola :((

    ya ya it was funny... bt was irritatin at that moment


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