April 15, 2009

Nipped in the bud....

A bunch of goons kidnap a school girl and demand a bulk amount from the girls parents. The girls parents any how try to arrange the said amount. This is what happens when they see their kid back.

A green blanket enveloped the 15 year old girl as she came running towards her parents.
She hugged her mother.
It was a disgraceful act by the fiends who ravished the girl which left scars all over her body.With a thousand souls witnessing this , she tightly held her mother
by her soft arms.Each tear from her eyes had many things to say.It symbolized her sorrows and the pain that she suffered as she tackled the monsters.
"Go away Dad,Go away Bhaii," She urged her father and her brother not to see her in this unacceptable state.
The innocent eyes shed tears as the entire family was in a state of shock.
The brother removed his shirt and covered her sister .
The girl looked at her parents with that innocent look.Her life is nipped in the bud

This is the real face of few "so" called famous cities of India where women security is still a major problem.....


  1. as i was scrolling down for commenting, saw that the post has a label "pain". the subject can be of women harassment, freedom,security etc etc.. but as for the pain..well, nothing can be done about the pain rt. a very thought provoking post.

  2. Very well written,short but had the effect.

  3. well written bro.. B'lore was safer than the other cities, but the charm has gone now..Lately heard some news which are shocking and embarrassing :((

  4. this is sick!
    and specially in a state where such incidents do happen and 1 out of a thousand get reported... we talk of issues like economic upliftment,caste,creed,religion.. shame on us!! is someone readin this?
    we all are born from a women...
    her love is pure!
    she is divine!
    respect is what she deserves
    and care is all that her
    selfless heart need!

    care and respect every girl that u ever come across...


  5. i echo pulkit's comment!
    it is sick... and u brought it out well...

  6. read UB's post about Rape facts today ... saddening !! and now this :(

  7. India isnt alone....

    women from all over the world suffer from this problem.....

    nothing seems to be an answer...
    even educated men often become beast and create such problems..
    God only knows when will this end....


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