April 18, 2009

Mom's Brilliant Wit In The Polling Booth!!

It was the first day of the 2009 General Elections 2 days back!
Some 150 odd candidates were voted for today across india.

Well the more interesting thing was it was the first time my young sister was going to cast her vote!
And she had been very excited all these days

I still havent got my own election card! Sister has beaten her bro to the post...i mean the poll!

Well, so mom and sister went to the polling booth.
And guess what!

After standing in the long queues, they finally got their turn to vote.

Only to be told that their names do not exist on the voter registry!!!

Well...here is what happened next:

Mom got into combat mode!
She told the volunteers, all young men and few women, that this was impossible.

They verified the election ids of both mom and sister.

And told mom, "sorry!!! we dont have it!"

And Mom didnt budge!!

"Find it!!!", she stormed, showing them her inner steel and looking at them with the eyes of the college teacher she is.

Now the volunteers were way too lazy to bother.

"Its only one vote mam! its ok...nothing will happen", said one of them.

"Hello! The Vajpayee government fell down coz of one vote 2 elections ago. Dont u know that????," said Mom. And she gave a 5 second lecture on how Jayalalitha played as king-maker then.

Now the boys were looking like sheep!
Here was a voter not willing to let them go. Nor was she going to go.
And she had her daughter for company too.

But they were still lazy, and were appearing uninterested in helping Mom out with her name on the register.

And then Mom played the masterstroke,

"Which all parties are contesting today?", she asked authoritatively.

"BJP", "Kaangress-eye", "Telugu Desam madam", the voices came all over the room.

A few seconds later another voice popped up "Praja Rajyam madamu...Chiranjeevi party...telugu hero!!"

With a glitter in her eye, Mom then said, "Ok! whoever finds my name in the list, i ll vote for that party!"


Believe it or not, 2 guys immediately started working.
They checked her id again, went into their database. 
Verified address.

On another machine, 1 volunteer started verifying my sister's credentials.

"Madam, come here please", another volunteer said in chaste Telugu.
And promised Mom that he will find out her name soon.

Sister was chucking to glory!!

Well...in about 20 minutes or so, they found out the names!

Yeah! It was there! Deep in some piles of data!

Then Mom went inside and voted.
Then sister went in and voted.

When mom came out, she felt like James Bond!!!

PS: i tried asking mom, whom did she finally vote for? 
      "Sorry! this is democracy! Cant tell u whom i voted for", she retorted back! and i burst out laughing!!!!!! The dance of democracy, truly!!


  1. Haha! Nice one man, just a little correction - Hajpayee government fell 'cause of 1 vote NOT 2. :P


  2. that was so Cool !!!! Your mom rocks dude !!


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