April 20, 2009

The Moment (Part 1)

Hey guys..this is something which I wanted to post for a long time now. A series, with its first part right here. Hope you enjoy reading...!

"Yes its happening!" He enjoyed this tingling echo which he felt every 10 minutes now! Fiddling with his plans continuously, he packed his suitcase and waited eagerly for the taxi to arrive. His parents were experiencing utmost joy seeing their son smiling like never before. Acknowledging the happiness, he stood up. Went and hugged his mom and said, "Maa, thank you for this." And he heard the horn. Retaining the giddiness, he hugged everyone and almost ran down the stairs and seated himself in the car. This was the beginning of the journey.

All the way to the station he had postulated. About this step of his. Just for her. Just for both of them. After 1.5 years this was happening! And that too like this! He stepped at Platform No. 1 of New Delhi Railway Station. The usual paranoia of the place failed to disengage him from his giddiness. Monday night was surely a busy day at the station. A push here and a pull there..everything was perfect. The same lady clad in a green suit, was at the enquiry. He knew her. She waived at him and expressed her wish to talk to he. He managed his way in the cubicle and sat besides her, and she came up with her usual question, "Ab Kahaan?"


Her: "Firse?"

Him: "Haanji aunty, but picchli 4 baar ki tarah, is baar exam denen nahi jaa raha!"

Her: "Then for what?"

Him: "Arre nothing, just to meet a friend. Summer break in college so planned this."

Her: "Ok!"

And someone demanded her to do her job and she got busy. She didnt know which friend. She could even guess an ounce of excitement that he posessed at that instance. He left and bought himself a Sprite and waited at the bench. And in 15 mins, at around 8.45 pm he could hear the shunting of the train. He boarded it and searched for his berth. He wished for good company. And seeing a beautiful girl right in front of him, his wish was granted..like it had been for the past 3 months of his life! 36 hours of journey awaited him. Tucking his suitcase under the seat, and covering himself in is warm blanket, he made himself comfortable. The train moved in the typical suddenness. A suddenness that somehow complemented the darkness out of the window. And the chilly cold inside the A/C compartment. The sound of Nickelback greeted his ears as he put the headphones on. With cute kids playing around, and this beautiful girl buried consciously in her Robin Cook novel, he felt it. Its going to be just about perfect. Like The Beginning, the journey was surely going to be one of his best...

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Happy Reading!!


  1. such sweetness and vivid imagery !! liked it a lot !

    ps: i got reminded of my first journey from delhi to bangalore wen i joined my job.. same excitement, dreams, n all... thanks fr the reminder !!

  2. Prats, but this is different.

    Sorry Nik, answered on yr behalf. Lets see if the later parts prove me right!

  3. Waise, exams provide inspiration, I think! :)

  4. @rashi, prats..

    thanx prats for liking it... and yes dis IS different...... wait and watch..!

  5. @rashi..
    y? what inspiration will one get from EXAMS..! Infact my return to rytng scares me when i think of my exams..! Cuz i really want to ryt now...and it consumes a lot of tym!!

  6. i know this is different :P
    just that the mention of 36 hrs journey from delhi to blore nudged some memories :)

  7. such a crisp description...all the scenes were playing vividly as a visuary

    i can see it as the beginning of a new successful series

    keep it up n don't make me wait for the next episode

  8. @aparna

    yea sure...! ill do it asap..! (my exams are round d corner, i wanna rite but dont have time!! :(......

    Anyway il try not to make u wait... :)

    and Thank you!

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  10. Looks like one more interesting series is starting....
    Waiting for the next part.... :)

  11. loved it!
    good job!
    very well written indeed... a great read!

  12. thanx pulkit....

    hope 2 see u at my blog sometime too!

  13. Hey Nik.. marvelous. :) aage badho.. :) fantastic read and description is lovely... :) we sure are gonna go on this journey with this guy.. :) lets travel along. :D

  14. @Kajal
    Abey kajal...coincidence just happened!! i JUST NOW commented on your blog on one of ur poems...! and i came back n here u are...!

    actually i ws expecting ur cmment but u were late! :x....

    anyway thnx a lot, n i will make u ppl invisibly board the train with this guy!!!! being with him thoughout his journey! his friends!

  15. another series and its looks nice...nicely written buddy.. waiting for the next one

  16. @hashan
    Thanks fr d appreciation.....! i will soon come up with the next one!

  17. Very well written, I can feel his excitement ...
    Now going to read the second part again..

  18. @home maker
    Thank you... :)

    Hope to see you around more.....


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