April 17, 2009

I Believe....

Treading the tender grass, beneath my feet,
The moist cool breeze playing across my face,
Today, all inhibitions, every memory, I intend to lose,
As I climb this knoll, I feel myself,
Rising out, over the void, finding footholds,
Inching closer towards light,
It seems, that familiar burden of hurt,
Has slipped off, melted away in the darkness,
As I raise my eyes to the starry night above,
Every sparkle seems new, divine,
The clouds woven, into mesmeric paterns,
Suddenly part, as a winged angel plays hide and seek,
A faint whisper of feathers, I hear,
Behind a wispy curtain of a distant cloud,
A shimmer of moonlight, glinting,
A translucent shudder, I spy,
Of your wings, as you flit, free, innocent,
Glide through those willowy clouds,
Emerging in a puff of snow white haze,
You look down at me, raise your hand in a wave,
Astounded, I stand, mouth agape at the vista,
Surely, a mirage, this is, but seems,
So real, lucid,
And then you glide down, beckoning me, to join you,
I raise my arms, and suddenly, my feet leave the ground,
I strain to catch a glimpse of you,
A blurred face is all I see,
And then I descend back to the ground,
Savouring the sensation, of being suspended,
Between, heaven and earth, hanging in nothingness
And I hear a whisper in my ears,
"Don't lose hope, she's somewhere out there,
She'll fly right into your arms, when its time",
Who are you?
I ask,
I am your destiny, believe in me!
A faint smile, and she dissolves into shimmers,
Infinitely splendid,
Closing my eyes, I feel my soul drain itself,
Of all the pain,
As I finally let go!


  1. now this was a fantabolous write !! so very positive !! and so perfect !!!

    *awesome* is a small word :)

  2. Thank u Prats!!!! :)

    I kinda pondered over wat u said abt my last work nd felt dat i was doin injustice to myself!
    So came up wid dis! Glad u likd it! :)

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  4. hey prats..chek dis out-
    "SUPERFANTABULISTICALLYAWESOME" a Pretty big word for this..haina!!! ;P
    (btw, that word was my own creation, nothing like that exists!!")

    very good writeup mav...

    "I am your destiny, believe in me!"
    this line shuddered the inside of me as it was unexpected and merged all the different imagery i built of the angel!

    Keep writing brither...! :)

  5. beautiful beautiful thoughts there!
    presented in an impressive manner too!
    very well written!
    god bless:)

  6. @Mav : glad u listen to me !! atleast sm 1 does ;)

    @Nik : perfecto word !!!!!

  7. Mav!! :) now heavens came down and hugged you for this!! really!!

    beautiful to say the least.. i will join Nik in saying the word he created.. his coypright so i am not writing it here..

    it was mindblowing!! very very beautiful!!

  8. @ Kajal

    Finally! :P

    Thank u so much! I knew u wld lik it, if nt da poem dan atleast the thought behind it! TY!

  9. haven't come across a beautiful poem like this for a long time...

    full of fantasy....i could imagine the angel so vividly

    a nice message to trust one's own destiny

    u r one hell of a talented poet mav :)

  10. Thank you so much, Aparna! Glad u likd it!

    Means so much coming from a talented poet lik u! TY! :)


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