April 28, 2009

How do I?

How do I show you
how special you are
what you are to me
what you mean to me?
How do I show you
you are more than just a friend
you arent not just one more 
in the long winding line?
Trust me when I tell you
how much I care
how much I love
how much you mean to me.
Trust me when I tell you
That words fail me
When I have to express
What I want feel for you.
My heart you seem to understand
But this one thing you couldn’t?
You know when I’m happy and
When I’m sad
But why can’t you just understand
What you mean to me?
I hate feeling so misunderstood
So alone, so lonely.
You are my beacon, my strength
Be mine. Always. Forever.


  1. who is this poem for? :) :)

    loved it so very much! beautiful penmanship raash! :)

  2. lovely poem rash...seriously how we wish dat some1 understands those feelings...could feel every word...

  3. sometimes we do not understand the simplest of things...sometimes its not meant to be understood..alas *sigh*
    lovely poetry nonetheless:)

  4. woaaaaaaa!! it goes perfectly with your post about the letter which i read last night.


  5. beautiful! spellbound by the emotions!

  6. i read it twice actuallly.... it was really good. I am certain it was a successful attempt, to whomsever it was concerned.....!


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