April 19, 2009

The Bride

The dewy eyed bride
draped in bridal chiffon,
a complexion of molten gold,
tresses flowing down like a cascade of waterfalls,
adorned with glittering jewellery…

That’s how the bride
reflected in the pristine waters looked-- lovely and adorable.
But the image couldn’t portray my inner turmoil.

With every passing minute,
My heart loomed large on me
with doubt and apprehension…
Will he love me?
Will he care for me?
Will our minds be in sync?
My heart, it posed a thousand questions,
each demanding to be answered first.

There he was beside the holy fire.
An arranged alliance it was,
I only saw him from photographs
They are still hidden under my pillow
I furtively stare at them often.
But he looked something different in real…

Handsome and gallant he looked,
Trustworthy and cordial was his demeanour.
Light played through the edge of his hair
and made him appear like a guardian angel

Besotted, I was swept away by his charm.

Finally the auspicious moment dawned upon…

The incantation of dulcet mantras…
The flicker of holy fire…
The fragrance of incense sticks and camphor…
Lingered in the environs.

As the ember blazed in the flame…
He held my hand, the warm touch, firm yet gentle
Stealing glances I dared to look straight into his eyes for a moment
His sharp eyes conveyed it all—
Silent, incorporeal promises he seemed to make—

“I’ll overcome all odds
and embrace every adversity for your sake.
I’ll keep you happy, my bride”

Reassured I looked down
with blushing cheeks, to avoid his glance.
All my apprehensions and frisson
dissolved into oblivion.

My heart leaped out
thumping audibly in my chest…
As the 3 knots were tied
bonded with trust and love…
The 7 steps were trodden
around the flickering fire…
For I00 years of togetherness
and lifetime commitment…

Revolving around the flickering fire,
as he led me confidently,
I experienced an epiphany of marital bliss.

I offered a silent prayer—
“My this marriage last till eternity
I’ll treasure this permanent union
and vow to stand by my soul mate
during the various vicissitudes of life”


  1. Aparna,I so badly wanted to write something on this.

    There has been this strange urge to write something about "brides" since a day or so.But,was finally getting down to it now,when I happened to see your post.

    I am yet to read it.
    Would shoot a reply as soon as I read it.

  2. it was a masterpiece!! so touching!! :D

  3. kajal : masterpiece??? thanx for tht lovely comment...loving it

    mohita: thanx girl :)

  4. So very beautiful...I mean to encompass the feelings of a bride and to intertwine it with all the rituals of a wedding in such a wonderful way was simply fabulous....Luvd dis one! Gr8 work Aparna! :)

  5. mav : thx :) such a lovely comment coming from a gr8 poet like u...i consider it as an honour :)

  6. wow..u made me remember my bestie's wedding...i was all there thru the pheras n all.....as i read this i cd actually feel as if she saying those words...though it wasn't a arrange marriage but still the feelings were same....

    of late most of my closest frnd r getting married and here i see a poem on the bride..i loved it...u just wrote a masterpiece on the bride feeling...loved it and u for writing it :D

  7. Beautiful. I feel like getting married. (not kidding) Beautiful! :D

  8. mysterious gal : my friends r getting married too.... i got the idea of the poem seeing my cousin's arranged marriage

    thx for reading and commenting :)


  9. Ms. R: one day you definitely will get married :)

    thx for reading...

  10. beautiful! M spellbound and dumbstruck!
    two thumps up and tight hug!
    brilliantly written!


  11. pulkit : thumbs up to you too...thx for the comments :)

  12. You just took words to a new level !!! this was so true and touching :) God bless !!

  13. ohhhh wow!! kudos for exploring into something which was radically different....this one is really unparalleled yaar...seconding mohita here...."I'll treasure this permanent union...and vow to stand (*u have written sand...correct it) by my soul mate...during the various vicissitudes of life"...phew..the last 3 lines took my breath away...also the lines where you deal with 3 knots...7 steps...and 100 years of togetherness...too good daa!!

  14. sandeep: i stand corrected

    will change it right away

    thx for going through the poem :)


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