April 19, 2009

AIR:-ye aakashwani hai....

its all India Radio and you will hear news in 5 minutes and exactly after 5 minutes news is started with a famous background sound.i think you all remember that sound.

we all know about AIR as some time ago when no FM stations in exist AIR is the best mean of listening news ,songs and other information .
AIR is in exist before TV is not come into existence .
but today as lot of FM channels come its existence in danger but still there are lot of people in India today listen AIR and i also know lot of them
my nanaji is also a big fan of AIR he still listen morning and evening news from his radio through AIR .
yet young people doesn't get interested in this but still there are many old people who listen this.
i also get noticed of this when i listen song"aayega aayega.... aayega aane vala....aayega" on this AIR on Friday on a small tea hotel and i also know a person in ujjain who had the knowledge of today's technology and also uses Internet and blog .
he also listening AIR every time i goes on his shop i listened AIR programes.

so iam hoping after reading this some person's will start listening AIR.

i want to ask from this post is that ,is AIR is the toady's channel or we ignoring it because its popularity still not decreases yet new generation are not interested in listening this and due to this now a days lot of new songs came on it instead of this 1-2 years back old songs came ,so they did this to attract the new generation or they want to rescue themselves in this new FM world.very few young generation listen AIR but when cricket match comes from a long time AIR is broadcasting commentary of each match of India .that no FM channel broadcast.


  1. i still is a prominent listener of all india radio!
    gets brodcast of 102.6(delhi) Fm rainbow channel @ 103.7 in kanpur and irrepective of the other 3 private channels, big,mirchi, and s-fm, my fav is AIR! I specially enjoy the western music shows!
    am a prominent and active members of all its communities on orkut!
    knows many of its RJ's personally after 3-4 year of continoues listenership!
    malancha(had left this year as she got married in singapore), apart from her, vandana vadera,fakru,himani,akanksha and many other are my close frns and gr8 source of actual knowledge of music!

  2. I was gonna say the same thing as Pulkit. AIR in Mumbai is ONLY FM channel that actually plays English music and GOOD english music! And I always tune in to see what they are playing :)


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