April 27, 2009

2Point Someone!! 11

Note- All characters in the story are fictitious. Though we have used some real names, its just intended for fun. So no hard feelings.:) And thanks to all WL members for supporting us throughout.
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At Cinemax.
"Yaar Gaurav,yeh kya hua...no movies ..what to do now?," Nik said to his classmate Gaurav.
"Arey what will you do?you would remain Silent soul forever,"Gaurav answered.
"Yeah, you are a Maverick ,so do something,you see silent soul is silent," Nik grinned.
Most of the multiplexes were showing the IPL matches.Gaurav went to the ticket counters and got tickets for the Delhi-Kolkatta match .
"Delhi rocks!!," Nik screamed.
"Dude,I guess I'd seen our Princi Sandeep Balan here, " Nik said.
"Naa man, he must be cheering Delhi in South Africa,thats what Ste told me," Gaurav replied.
Few minutes later the entire class arrive at the theatre to watch the live IPL match.They were accompanied by their Chemistry teacher Nabila.

"Guys!!aaram se!,"the teacher said to her students.
'Every one sat at the allocated seat.The entire theatre was crowded with students and professional geeks.
Delhi Daredevils had won the toss and elected to bat first.
It was Sehwag and Gambir opening the innings for Delhi.
" RJ Anna,when will the movie start?," Vasudha aka Blossomblue asked RJ.
"Movie...and IPL yeah! and don't call me Anna ," RJ hates when girls address him as their big brother.
"You see Shahrukh dancing with those girls,its a movie shoot,"RJ added.
Ste winked at RJ after he said this dialogue.
"Go Chennai, Chennai Superkings you Rock!!,"Aarthi screamed at the top of her voice.
"Madam,this is Delhi-Kolkatta Clash,"Ste updated Aarthi about the match.
"Go Pakistan!Go Shoib Malik!,"Asbah was smiling.
"Its Indian Premier League,where did Pakistan come from!"RJ winked at Asbah.
Ste checked to see what Kajal was doing.She was writing a poem for IPL.
"cities at war,
talents no par,
11knights with full might,
what a wonderful sight,
with us you have taken a fight,
now feel sorry for your plight!!"

She was clearly supporting Delhi Daredevils.
"Oh God!!Arey Gonchu Match dekh and poem baadmein likh,"Ste said to Kajal.
Meanwhile Chirag was noting the scores and runrates on his notebook.
"What you doing ?," Ste asked Chirag
"Tan sir ke liye match updates," he winked.
"The ball went like a rocket....this guy Sehwag really has immense power Greg ."Harsha Bhogle,the commentator said.
At the same time some one was screaming and yelling like mad.The guy was accompanied by a girl and a man of around 24.All three were wearing DelhiDaredevils Jersey.
And of a sudden,the trio turned around.They hugged each other when Sehwag was hitting fours and sixes.It was none other than Sandeep Balan,the Principal of WL school who was accompanied by his girlfriend Richa and his roomie Kings.
"Go Sehwag,meri Jaan,Nawab, Khel ,Hit Sixes," the Principal was screaming. It seemed like three of them were heavily drunk.They replicated the cheerleaders dancing on the stadium.When the cheerleaders danced to the DJ's tune,Sandeep and co used to dance.
"Abhey,Sandeep sir is in India and look he is dancing ,"Ste told to RJ.
"Priyanka fooled us by saying that Sandeep Sir is in South Africa,"RJ replied.
"Sandeep sir ke paas passport bhi nahi hai," Ste winked.
"Look there!he is dancing like a mad,"Ste said.
They both looked from the balcony,but Sandeep Sir couldnt't be seen,although his girlfriend and roomie were dancing.
"Look our principal is rolling on the floor,what exactly is he doing?,"Ste asked RJ.
"Thats Snake dance I guess!," RJ said and started laughing.
By the mean time,someone from behind tenderly touched Ste 's back.
"Mummy!!!!,"Ste screamed.
"Sir,sorry!,"the guy said in a typical foreign accent.
"You scared me man,"Ste said.
"Sir,I'm Vitruvian boy from Bordeax,France and me and my twin sister Ms.R want to join your WL School,"he said to Ste.
"Ok, speak to that tall guy performing snake dance on floor ,"Ste added.
"Merci ,Sir,"The Vitruvian boy said and left to meet the principal who was cheering Delhi.
"Another beautiful coverdrive by Virendra Sehwag and the ball is running towards the fence over the long off boundary for four runs,"Robin Jackman ,the youth commentator said.
At the same time,the Vitruvian boy and his sister Ms.R go to meet the principal.
They both block his view."Abhey ,Angrez ke bachho,hatto yahaa se.... mujhe Sehwag ko dekhne do,"the principal screeched.
"Seeewaaag!!!,"Vitruvian boy exclaimed.
"No,its Sehwag ,the great opening batsmen you see,"Sandeep sir was telling them everything about Sehwag.
"Sir,we both want to join your school,what are the formalities?,"Vitruvian boy asked the principal who was more interested in watching Sehwags game.

"I want your parents to meet me tommorow at school," Sandeep said.
"Sure sir,Vitruvian Man and Vitruvian Lady will meet you tommorow,"Ms R said and smiled.
"Vaise,who told you that I'm the principal of WL school,"the principal asked them.
The Vitruvian boy pointed towards Ste and RJ who were enjoying the match.
"Oh!!my god,you guys go away,I will see you tommorow,"the principal said.
The match finally got over and it was Delhi which was victorious.
It was a bad day for Sandeep.By the time,he reached his home ,he was drenched with sweat.He took bath and off a sudden his roomie Kings called him.
He was watching Headlines Today.
"Mr Sandeep Balan has won the "Sehwag ka sachha fan kaun contest" and he gets a chance to meet Delhi Daredevils Captain Sehwag and a date with the nawab himself," Avantika Singh ,the news reporter said and the channel was showing visuals of Sandeep Balan performing snake dance in the theatre.
"Whatt??," Sandeep and Kings looked at each other and at the same time his phone rang.
"Hello,Sandeep Balan here," sandeep said.
"Sir,I'm Hashan,the spokesperson for the Delhi team and you have got a chance to date Sehwag as you won the"Sehwag ka sachha fan contest"," the caller said.
"What?a date with Virendra Sehwag!," Sandeep remained stunned for a while.

Tobe continued....


  1. kaju, cheating! u told u dont like sports and following IPL and writing poems! :D

    and Sandeep is gonna faint... what kind of a date is he going on? :P ;)

    Vitruvian Man and Woman? :D :D


  2. hahah!! nice one ste..! Btw, fyi: i dont follow IPL at all... ;P and u started with me and gaurav... ;P

    But anyway, now u made me follow it..! Cool...

    And most of all.. u got everyone together....and the funniest part was kajal..! Imagine ppl watching match, and someone writing a poem!!! But then, dats wats her!

    Cool..waiting fr d next part...

  3. hehe....agree wid Nik....MaV in dis series sounds so kewll!!! contrary to da real persona! :P

    nice one! :)

  4. Written by STE... why :O Arjun was supposed to write na!!??

    Anyway, Love it... LOLing all through... Date with Sehwaag... heeheehee... :D =))

  5. and you made me sing songs ?? lol! all good though :)

  6. wah kya baat hai IPL ki entry and kajal's poem and best was sandeep stuck with snake dance :P
    date with sehwag sahi hai ...nice flow...waiting for more :D

  7. 'the spokesperson for the Delhi team'..LOL :p sandeep's snake dance was LMAO :D..kajal's poem on IPL..LOL :D
    Waiting for the next part...

  8. lol...TVB ki entry ho gayi...

    abbe TVB ki twin sis kaise ho gayi....???

    I heard Woh apne parents ka ek lauth beta hae.... :P :D

  9. nice ste..!!

    U continue with this series man..!! Make it exclusively urs... Dont say no..!! :)


  10. naa arjun

    its ste +rj remember

    and thts the success mantra for this series

    2ps rememberr

  11. so sandy sir is having a date...coool...lolzz...kan ipl n poetry...i am impressed by ur dediaction but i thought u dint like sports naa... :P

    lovely ste...


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