March 13, 2009

The WL Film Quiz #4

Identify the SONG and the MOVIE from the pictures below (1-8). Please remember to answer both the song's title and the movie's name (incomplete entries will not be considered).

This quiz will be online until 20 March 09.

Good luck!

LINK FOR SUBMISSION (Open in new tab/window): 


  1. Hey bhargav pls accept my 2nd entry..first entry i didnt write the song names!

  2. @Ste: Good luck!

    @Hashan: Yeah, I've just seen your entry. Submit another one.

  3. @Neha: I've received your answers. Thanks!

    @Kings: Good luck to you as well! You must participate! ;)

  4. Submitted.
    Hoping to win this time also :)
    hope i am not late..

  5. Hmmmm .... pichhle baar Main Hoon Naa ne dhoka diya tha ... isbaar nahi!!! Grrr....

    lets see this time ;)

    and thanks Bhargav ... for putting up this movies ... tough ones, though .. but I tried .. again!!


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