March 29, 2009

WL Cricket Quiz:-3

hello friends here iam with the 3rd cricket quiz and also with the result of 2nd and the winner of 2nd quiz.
again i didn't get more entries for the 2nd quiz.iam really disappoint with this and i want to know from the members now that if the members are not interested in cricket quiz.i can shut it down.

tell me what you think in comment section.

so first of all the answers of 2nd quiz.

1.which cricketer was the first Indian to score the century in ODI?
answer:-kapil dev

2.who holds the record of scoring the most runs in test cricket without scoring a century?
answer:-shane warne

3.longest test inning by time?also tell the player name and country?
answer:-Hanif Mohammad from Pakistan batted 970min against West Indies in West Indies in year 1958.

4.which cricketer had the bat sponsorship at the age of 12?
answer:-ricky ponting.

5.identify this cricketer
answer:-william perkins.

and the winner of this quiz are:-

congratulations to the winners.

now this week's questions

1.who was the youngest cricketer to score 1000 runs in Test Cricket?

2.who hit the longest six in T20 WC and how long it was?

3.which Cricketer is taken in Indian Team by sourav ganguly when team is selected for South Africa's tour and that player hit hundred in his first Test match?

4.who broke the highest partnership record that is between sachin tendulkar and vinod kambli?

5.Identify the player who had his head down?

mail your answers to my mail id(
now there is a new badge for the winners and i also request to the last time winners to replace this badge with the new one.


  1. Hmm Good work. have you seen this new blog on IPL ? It has some good news on the IPL and seems to be updated. I wonder what will be the news when the matches start.

  2. Congrats guys..

    I'll take part this time.. Lets see... :)


  3. Hey give me the ID to send the entries dude.. :)

  4. Congrats winners....... :)

    The badge is so inspiring....
    I ll try again this time..... :)

  5. I WON I WON I WON!!
    Happy Happy .. hehehe ...

    Arkun, the email ID is:

    Best of Luck ;)

  6. Yarr yeh answers to bohot tuff hai.. Let see !!


  7. @HASHAN nahi yaar this time questions jyada easy hai

  8. Hmm..maine answers bheja hai..Hope will win :)

  9. hehe..haan yarr questions to bohut easy hai bas answers tuff hai..LOL :p


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