March 14, 2009

What a rhyme!!! - Poetry Style - Monorhyme

JK is my NAME
Vendetta is my GAME
It's not jus for FAME
I'm not ,de one who's LAME
No one's de SAME
Wen ur learnin,there's nothin such as SHAME
Yup,I'm not INSANE
Not de one ya can BLAME

I wrote this one for the about me section in orkut wayback when it was introduced and i joined it , no idea about the poetry style and all wrote what i thought felt in my mind suits me the most. Please do fill me in if it belongs to any specific poetry style. :)

picked from my blog C m U

At the time of writing this or even posting this i had no idea whether even this can be categorized into poetry but after seeing how prats inspires us into teaching and writing new styles of poetry,This is a specific poetry style, i did a bit of search and came across what exactly the style is,it is called monorhyme
** A Monorhyme is a poem in which all the lines have the same end rhyme **


  1. lol... nice and spontaneous one kings..!!! dunno if it fits in any style.. but i liked it.. lol...

  2. its good!
    and seconding mona, seems quite spontaneous!

    keep up king!

  3. prats can tell if its any style.. - for me i am tempted to try it! :)

    Hey, this is the pink ORCHID.
    last summer I know what you DID.
    You might think of me as a KID.
    but please let that be in our MID.
    Also I completely hate the SQUID.
    I stay away from WL, God FORBID.
    After this attempt I've my face HID.

  4. wow.... kajal u never cease to amaze me.. that was reall hip nd a rap song lyrics and the last line was funny enough... no need to hide...we're de lounge...hehehe...not de public...anyways superb :)

  5. hehehee can i post it as a post... and label it as 'stupid'? its very cute like the last stupids we did.. with your permission of course - coz you are the inspiration this time :)

  6. ithuku poi permission ehhh... inspirations never needs post it.. so tht all de lounge can see... ;)

  7. @Kings: right on .. i am gonna post it now.. :D

  8. m amused, and m tempted ;)


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