March 16, 2009

Until then

I can feel your hands on my arms,
I can feel your lips on my neck,
I can feel your face so close to mine,
It aint so difficult to remember
Remember it all so vividly,
Soon all will fade and you'll be just a memory,
Just a voice I hear every night,
Just a heart I know beats only for me,
Till we meet again,
Till I can once again
feel your hands on my arms,
feel your lips on my neck,
And till I can see you once again.

I wrote this on 27th July, 08 (Yes, I do remember the date). After reading Neha's poem and writing one on farewell in my blog. I just had to post this one. Memories can be just silly things! Never know what or who will strike up a memory and everything comes flooding back. I just hope it isn't too much ...


  1. Memories...........*sigh*
    Cant help them can we! I seriously cannot qualify this poem with adjectives. I hope you understand!

  2. Memories make you smile,
    memories make you cry,
    but have you ever known
    memories give birth to memory too !!

    nice poem raash :)

  3. I totally second Prats di here
    memories keep us going :)
    Wonderful Rashi :)

  4. Hey Rash... m glad my poem made you dig out this master-piece of yours!!


  5. @Rash: wow! :) i loved it and you know it already :D


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