March 14, 2009

To Callie :)

I have a sister, who I have never seen,
In a land, to where I have never been,
I know not how she looks, dark or fair,
Only I know that she is always there.

She’s by my side, when I am sad,
When I’m happy she’s there to cheer,
Only her words, I can see from afar,
Yet some impressions, they never disappear.

Far away, yet she feels so near,
Endearing is her presence every time,
Born far away, but so alike we are,
We even have that same sense of rhyme!

Every beat of her heart, I can hear,
She makes me smile, through any pain,
Every tear I can catch before it falls,
And make her be that joyous gal again.

So different we are, yet so alike,
I have not enough words to praise,
She means the world, and more to me,
A sibling, I hope, till the end of my days.

P.S. Bhaai - my sweetypie of a bro, wrote this one and dedicated it to me. He calls me 'Callie' sometimes if you were wondering :). According to him its an amateur poem - He is known for writing masterpieces :)


  1. He for sure writes masterpieces.This one is an ample proof dearie!

    such a lovely tribute to sister!
    a divine inspiration for all brothers. :)
    stay blessed!

  2. A brother's love is a brother's love afterall. You are fortunate that you have a brother who can craft good poetry to express his feelings.

    Every tear I can catch before it falls,
    And make her be that joyous gal again. < --- This part caught my attention realtime.

    God bless ya both and thanks for sharing this post !

  3. fr a second i thought u were talkin about Leo!
    Nyways wonderful poem, nd dat its dedicated to u makes it even more beautiful! ur bro got it spot on nd in such a sweet way! lucky u! :)

  4. never come across a poetic bro..lucky you... sweet and heartfelt writing... ;) ... god bless nd thanks for sharing

  5. isn't it written by leo then?

    i could see the affection between the lines...nice one

  6. is it from Leo !! only he can write such mastereices .. i got reminded of a poem wch my best friend dedicated to me... :) some dedications are so priceless !!

  7. Its lovely :)

    So beautiful one for a sisteer :)

  8. @Uz: true true.. sisters love poetic dedications made to them.. right girl! :D

  9. @Ragpicker: thanks buddy for those wonderful words will pass it on to bhaai.. :)

  10. @Kings: yeah generally brothers are too occupied writing poems for their girlfriends that sisters dont get to relish poetic dedications. i got lucky this time.. will convey your praises to him :)

  11. @Aparna: for some reasons that even i dont understand - bhaai doesnt want his name to be disclosed.. :P
    will pass on your words to him :)

  12. @Prats: priceless it is... for further details see my latest testimonial on orkut.. ;)

  13. @Mav: thanks buddy :)

  14. @illashree: thank you girl~ :)

  15. i was right !! yipppeee :D


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