March 3, 2009

The Relationship with the Rain!

Hearing the sound of the drizzling rain and the smell of the wet sand made her leave her cozy bed for the balcony. The rain always stood for different kind of memories and feelings for her. She never really liked rains from her childhood. It always gave some kind of gloomy feeling to her. Even though like all children she had experimented with all games in the rains...from getting wet to playing to making boats specially for rain water to fetch them away('Kagaz ki Kashti) ....but still rains always made her dizzy and made her lose her sense and that was why she never cherished rain even though she always wanted to.

And today standing to see the drizzling rain she realized why she and the rain always had this love-hate relationship. It was this rain which had brought love to her and in such ways left her stranded with lots of memories which she hated to remember but they were and will forever be a part of the past which gives a bitter taste in the tongue.

Watching the rains she remembered the last monsoons and how she had found the rain and this place the best place to go ga ga with the phone and the disillusionment. Rains had given her memories of the first touch, the first rain dance, the first romance and the first liveliness. The drizzle of the droplets had sparked a life in her which made her alive and lively.......but today wandering at those moments she realizes how fake was that rain and those memories...Rain today also make her remember her first disillusionment, her first fight , her first tear, first hurt and her first deceit....and the first feeling of cheat and lies.....her first heartbreak and her first breakdown.....rain also makes her remember those rainfall nights in whose voices no one could hear her sobs ......rains also made her remember her dismantled soul and her anonymity

These memories still haunt her and jerks her with a sense of hate at her disillusioned belief but still the love-hate relationship with rain doesn't end in a hate-hate relationship. She still believe in the saying of the rain being "the blessing from GOD falling in the form of droplets" . After all it was this rain which witnessed her sobs all night, which hide her tears from everyone by concealing it as its water and it was its voice and its smell emitting from the sands that made her stand and look at the beauty of the nature around. It was this rain and the beauty it induced around that gave her the spirit and courage to gather the dismembered pieces of her life and become the renewed person.

Today the renewed person stood before the rain where she still comes to get its strength and courage and the rain still blesses her with the drizzles and talks to her in those drizzles. The hated memories are still there but the guilt of foolishness are long gone and she is one person whom everyone looks up to.

Still, her Love-hate relationship with rain reigns and will reign forever........


  1. it was an interesting read .. a push pull of happy and sad memories with rain being there to witness all .. really cool !! well writtten :)

  2. reminded me of a tamil moovie "mazhai" :P
    nice one tho ;)

  3. That was a superb write, there is always this gloomy kinda feeling when it rains, but depends on our mood, if we're happy it did be exciting, if sad it did be rather worse..

    This made me rather bring my own memories..**sighs**.. rain was always a silent spectator.. :)

  4. prats said exactly what i thought :D loved it.. especially because could relate to it so much.. and it brought back so many long lost memories - good and bad :)

  5. that was lovely..

    n so true.. we all have such love-hate relationships with rain.. n it fits in sooo well with our emotions..

  6. @prats thanks :-) and rain is a witness we always love as it says notin yet says all

    @nan well havent seen the movie guess have to check it....and thanks :-)

    @king....well this is what was in my mind when i wrote it....glad u understood that essence so my intention of writing n posting is fulfilled ...and thanks :-)

    @Kajal...thanks....rain is something which always makes one nostalgic in many senses :-)

  7. @Ani i agree and thanks for liking it :-)

  8. yeah .. rain the silent company !!

  9. rain back at the lounge! :)

    super! :)


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