March 7, 2009


A five year old, with his father's clothes bagging over him, looking out at the world, confident, indispensable. he is the ruler of the world, in the armor of his idol. he moves along the roads of life, with his head held high, looking with jealousy at the tall creatures, unnoticed, he imagines hes big and controlling 'em. when the crowd subsides, he realizes, in tears, hes lonely, he calls for his mother, shes right behind him, she gives him a hug to fill his emptiness. one noble day he discovers the thing called chewing gum, has fun sticking it into other's hair until he realizes it is edible, wonders for a moment how much he missed. he needs a hand at night, to fight the evil monsters that pop up in his dreams. he has the hand with him, he sleeps in peace.

Now he needs no hand at night, he has power to fight anything. the picture of his parents with him beside his bed is now replaced by a beautiful angel. instead of being haunted by deadly monsters at night, now he swims in the ocean of heaven created by his love. he's happy and is there to thank his parents for everything they did for him.

Still.... i miss the young him sometimes, which is resting in peace deep inside me, free from mischiefs and fears.

sometimes when i feel lonely, i open up the door and meet him.........................can never forget him.

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  1. *Claps*
    Where did you get this picture from??

  2. Awww..!
    Made me nostalgic.
    Brought back memories of a wonderful time..

  3. wow.. that's sweet... !! childhood memories are really very special... thanks for taking me down memory lane... good job!!

  4. its nice :) so sweet and true...

    smthing like the childhood post of mine. check it here if u want :

  5. i loved each and every word.. beautifully expressed.. :)


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