March 2, 2009

Love doing things

I see them often
See them Happy and smiling
There’s a twinkle in her eye
Their life doesn’t seem so dry

Both seem too engrossed
So much into each other
Ohh! So this is love?
Where you don’t see beyond one another

They hold their hands tightly
And make a lovey-dovey picture
Ohh! So this is what love does to you?
Where everything seems to get new

May be they make promises
For a happy and a long-lasting future
Ohh! So love requires us to make those
Where you have to fulfill the one you chose

Does love does this to you?
Where everything around doesn’t exist?
Where one can’t really distinguish anything?
Ha! Did anyone once famously say “Love is blind”

And I am single :)


  1. is blind....n b'ful too ;)

    i'l say... all logics n fundamentals r defied n nothin seems wrong when u r in love..

  2. hehe but they have also said tht lovers are not..hehe so dont know.. :P

    hehe btw lovely post.. :)

  3. yeah being single is gr8 ;) nicely written

  4. :D it is blind and blindfolds everyone involved in it.. :D

    loved this poetry.. :)

  5. damn my new and improved (de-proved?) status is SS from HS.

    and NO SS is not 'Slim 'n Smart' its not even 'slightly sober' !

    not even that !

    SS is sadly Single, HS is Happily Single!


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