March 19, 2009

from the eyes of a Chennaite :D

In the lanes of chennai
can you see amazing sights
not just brawl or petty fights
especially in the nights
among dazzling lights
displayed are wares in pretty might
excuding and glowing bright
hope it was good insight
so catch your flight
and just sit tight
be here overnight
incredible imagining alright
sure it will delight
nothing to fright
anytime i'm your knight
so in peace alight
during twilight
and be the usual wight
learning about chennai's sleight
and lets not be slight
with a torchlight
being ultralight
hop around with hindsight
and more foresight
enjoying spright
in dimly lit streetlights
also learn about peoples plight
bring the issues spotlight
and be citizens upright
have dinner by candlelight
munch on cookies got inflight
and not be overweight
later in hospital blight
eight can only be eight
so it rhymes right
because it contains ight
this is going nowhere straight
because the writer is not ultra bright
funny typing it all tonight

phew!!! end of it... even i couldnt am ending this here... but still there are words ending with ight...maybe some other time :P

this is my first attempt at aimless humour especially in poetry, shall try to write a more meaningfull and also describing in detail about chennai culture,food,places et cetra :D

helping me in this endeavour was this website and last but not least, my ever loving WordWeb software with which i couldnt have gotten here,feeling :D .. writing in front of you and of course myself :P


  1. Kings :D :D
    He he singara chennai payanam :P
    Tou and your moooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyymmmmmmmmmeeeee :D

  2. It was almost like a roller coaster ride of words.
    Enjoyed reading it.

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaah through chennai in few lines. :)

  4. Haha.. funn! I have to visit Chennai soon!

  5. Never thought i did get even a single comment for this write :P

  6. @mohita

    yeah mohita... it was rollercoaster of dumbest write..which at the end even i couldnt stand reading...but yeah tried using as many words as possible nd at right meaning to :D

  7. @pinks

    hey chennai in oly first 5 lines da...others all something spontaneous stupidness oly :P

  8. @chirag

    one soul found it to be nice..thank you ..thank you.. :)

  9. @ashrita

    oh is a damn cool place minus de hurry bury of other cities... and fun too ;)

  10. nice !!! really enjoyes the trip here ;)

  11. haha....

    chennai trip was nice bro..!! hehe


  12. Hey its cool, fast, confusing an what more, humourous too, just the kind you wanted.

    But I guess, Chennai's journey is limited to the initial few lines only, after that what follows is a beautiful random trail of your thoughts.

    But its nice. Its Chennai :)



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