March 2, 2009

In My Shell !

The days I,ve spent, nights I ve passed,
In my solace, in my trance,
Wonder they, why I'm so quiet as if dreaming,
But beneath the blank stare my whole soul is screaming.

I'm tense, I shrink back and shut everyone out,
While another part of me is pounding to get out.
I ve no one to tell,
Trapped in my shell.

Pushed I was, with a motion so slow,
Fell into this pit, a mighty blow,
Someone show me the vent, the road,
Blow the locks, lets explode.

Running away, endless nights,
My shell, leaves me great bites,
Stuck in a well,
This is my shell.

Question myself, why this hell ?
Question myself, why this spell ?
Still crawling, in this cell,
Introducing me, this is my shell!

Will I be crucified for wanting to believe?...I believe - Poets of the fall


  1. all of us are in our shells..

    but there is this hope.. this ray.. something that we can look forward to makin our lives look so bright n colourful.. n bring us out of tht shell..

    lovely n thought provokin..:)

  2. Damn hard, if we did get into this shell. Its a world unto itself. more than world, it is hell,indefinite!!!

    thought provoking it is!!!

  3. could relate to it... :)

  4. I loved it.

    whats in liking?

    i loved the what the hell, why this spell part! and it is so matured. oh, and a rock-song type too i think.

    ps. how you can so outrageously lie? 'I ve no one to tell,'

    well, you have Us, WL :) just look around.

  5. we all create a shell around us .. only thing matters is how hard we let it be ... a shell should be like of the egg.. protective enough wen required and breakable too for the chick... nice write !!

  6. We all have our shells and sometimes the outer shell is coloured so that no1 can differentiate between that and the inner you. I recoil into my shell each day and wonder if they will ever be some1 to break it completely and see the true me!

  7. or maybe some one will charm you out of your shell raash ;)


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