March 30, 2009

BB - Big Balan/Birthday boy/Birthday balan!

I am supposed to write a dedication, but honestly speaking I am so overcome with emotion that I’ve apparently lost words to write, there are people who’re good at something and who so gloat over the fact that make others feel so little. And then there are genuinely good people in the orld, who’ll be there no matter what, who’ll correct you without ridiculing you (Aila islex ko itti si baat bhi nai pataa…) and you gladly learn, who can read your blog (and sometimes don’t) who can help you get your funny bone back and improve ur humor skills (and sometimes don’t :P oh of course no complaining, they have other *important* stuff too na hehe)

Its 11 30 already, 30 more minute and your Birthday will be gone, me and my procrastination :*sad sad*

But then I am always late, but never later than never :P

I don’t even know what I am writing, few things cant be explained na, so technically you all know what this place means to you, it is a home and you’re the mentor, the guru!

You’re just too amazing, MashAllah, as I say, the superlative of creativity, so may Allah keeps you from the evil eye and tonight, I pray that you may get all the best, very best, in terms of career, love, family and everything else! May you get the most beautiful flower of India, and may it just be the fairytale for you guru!

*sniff* Prays prays prays!

And ps. Don’t forget you’ve to meet me before your 30 :P rem?
I was supposed to write a poem, but i like prose more, and you'll also get a birthday wish from charcoal scratch - my brain farts :p

pps. Yes, The minni is me, i baked the cake!!


  1. this was so veryt true !! i wanted to express a lot of these things myself .. thanks for this Asbah !! :) Happy b'day again dude !!

  2. my my my left me speechless! I am at a loss of words!! Oh my god! That was some dedication daa....*hugs* *loads n loads of love*

  3. and hey minnie....the cake was baked perfect!! the taste still lingers hours after we gorged on!! kya bake kiya hain islexxxxxxx...he he he...

  4. Asbah :)
    Such a sweet dedication :)
    God bless both of you :)


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