March 7, 2009

25 Random things of WL members !

Here I am tagging all the family members to write 25 random things about yourself.
Rules: ( Not exactly rules,they are suggestions)

#1. You are free to write anything about yourself.
#2. Once you are are tagged you can't ignore it ( tagged names are : All WL members)
#3. Remember 2nd rule and remind others to do.
#4. File under : 25 Random things of WL members.
#5. Write your name and and your blog url (better make a link) top of the post.

Ok.. here I start,

Name : Hashan Hazarika.
blog : Hashan Hazarika's Bakwas Dairy !!

I took up early at my blog..find here


  1. thank you for tagging all of us Hashan :) I took this up very recently here

    waiting to know more about other member though, especially the new ones :)

  2. Wow..!!
    This would be fun..!!
    Kudos to you..!

  3. Hey Heena, that means, you are supposed to be writing 25 things about yourself and post it here, if you want to post it at your blog, leave a link to your post in the comments section.. :) go ahead. tell us more about you.. :)

  4. huh...25 things :O

    the first and foremost I AM LAZZZZZZZZZZZY

    the rest 24 are still needed ?? /)

    :D js kiddin
    ll do this 4 sure

  5. hey thanks Kajal for expaling to Heena ! n ya went through your 25 random things..nice knowing about u more :)

    Go girl..go for it

    @naughty would be fun! looking forward to read it soon..

  6. Alreadt done at my blog !! will post the link here :)

    nice knowing abt u Hasan !!

  7. About me :

  8. I've done this too...

    It's here:

  9. well i have done this and its

    so do try to check it out :)


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