February 28, 2009


just a ques for all :

Do you know what is a syllable ??
How to count number of syllables in a word ??

Let me know so i can plan my next lesson in poetry styles accordingly. Either i will have to post about syllables and the poetry style, or i will search something which doesnt include syllable count..


  1. I Will be waiting for this new one ... H A I K U ... Please explain the new style, as you would do on Monday ...

    And for all those who do not know about Syllable, please visit this link from Wikipedia ...

    Will be waiting to relaunch on Monday evening!!

    Happy Weekend :)

  2. nope prats , have seen it but not learned how to find syllables in words. But in the age of google and wikipedia, it shouldnt be a problem.

    It will be good if we learn it, so that writing good poetry easier after your lessons. Go ahead with your poetry session, i'm all ears :)

    Because learning it in the right way will help us by improving the quality of our expressions and in turn good poetry. ;)

  3. i am all for what kings said.... bring it up Girlie... :) waiting to learn.. :)

  4. well still confused...u shud clarify it abt syllable coz its something diff and various forms of poems like haiku,kaiga,tanka etc are based on the syllable count..

    waiting for the next poetry lesson prats...

    keep up ur good work

  5. Hey,,I know Syllables..
    Would be fun.
    Bring it on!!

  6. hehe.. Dont ask me.. :)

    waiting for the next type u gonna introduce.. ;)


  7. ok friends.. i will put up syllale count lessons today.. and put a post on haiku tomorrow.thanks for the overwhelming support !! m so blessed..


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