February 9, 2009

StepMAN: Blogisode 2 (Prologue)

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Stephy...an ordinary street boy, dreams of becoming a superhero! Is it just a dream? Or an omen about the future luck? Will future change for him? will he walk in the footsteps of Musadi man! or will he be cursed - fused ?

Will the seniors rip him apart with their usual ragging? or will there be a Drastic change that our own super hero will bring! To save the day?

for that - wait for the second blogisode of StepMan - superheros ka baap!

What do you think changed life of an street boy and made him a super hero?

1) Destiny - it was written
2) luck - he cheated and changed what was written for him
3) the perfections in his stupidity
4) something else.


  1. What are we implying by fused over here? I fail to understand.

  2. hehe karmasura, wait till it is revealed ;)

    you taking part in the poll that is integrated with this post ?? what do you think made an ordinary boy a super hero??

    ps. Thanki sandeep!!

  3. hmmm ya...i got it....thats the the perfections in his super^stupidity ;)

    [evil gleam...laughter] fused as in ` mixing together of different elements..ordinary boy...superheroism...what not or also can be fused bulb..... ;) ...blown fuse

  4. lol kings. thankyou for the interpretation! what is the truth, it will be revealed. wait for this ;) !!

  5. i will vote for "something else" ..expecting each episode to be a surprise :)

  6. i will vote for "something else" ..expecting each episode to be a surprise :)

  7. i will vote for "something else" ..expecting each episode to be a surprise :)

  8. blogger singh..those three votes by you were indeed "something else"...he he..surprising as well... ;-)

  9. lol sandeep..the window gets stuck sometimes and i am too lazy to delete.. but will my three votes give more preference to something else.. time will tell or the next blogisodes of stepMAN will :P

  10. the perfections in his stupidity

    Hey guys... I'm a little confused between.. stepMAN, stepCOCK and stepHEN ..

    could anyone explain please??

  11. let me explain it to you arjun...earlier the superhero was called stepCOCK...but since the censor board was hell bent on giving us an A certificate for that name despite our assurances taht it was just another name, we changed it to stepMAN for the U/A certificate. So all the branding that took place detailing out the transformation from StepHEN to StepCOCK now became StepHEN to StepMAN... ;-)

  12. haha..Thanks for that Sandeep..
    I'm clear now.. ;)

    I'm damn sure it is Ste who gives the censor certificate... hehe ;)



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