February 7, 2009

Presence of the Past

Curbside Prophet's Note-I wrote this keeping no one special in mind,though the inspiration came from one person indeed,its about how your past still haunts you.Like this extra baggage you don't want to let go,even though it makes you feel hopeless.The past its all yours,you are the star,the villain,the hero.......no one can take it away from you......NOT EVEN YOU!

As you trudge ahead,
Trying to hear the unsaid,

The frozen past is right behind,
Its your creation,you got after all that grind,

Every note,every story,every street is yours,
And those little secrets you hid behind doors,

The picture you cherished all this while,
Has faded like all the others in that frayed pile,

You've lost the broken candle and its light,
The only thing which got you through the pitch dark stormy night!

The hallway still echoes with your name,
The verses on the walls and those silly games,

The scar on your knee reminds you of how you fell down,
But it did feel better cause 'they' were around,

Of letters,kisses and candy hearts
And cheesy pictures of cupids with darts!

The reminiscence of a heartache and a sorry note,
The fantasy of being stuck with him on a stranded boat,

The anxiety when she hung up on you,
The ecstasy when she said 'i do too',

The rumours of the haunted graveyard down the lane,
And the stories of the dead janitor,drove you insane,

The truth about 'birds and bees',
And that it had nothing to do with ducks and geese!

The petty brawls with the other boys,
A broken elbow couldn't spoil the winning joys,

You believed friendly aliens,UFOs,spaceships could never let you down,
And that you had pals in the 'Martian Town'!

Many of those faces have gone astray,
And those sand castles blown away,

In time you broke a few hearts and they broke yours,
Its funny how we settle scores,

You're scared with every step you take,
You wanna stop for an old friend,

"I'll lose all this if i move on,
It'll all vanish,it'll all be gone!"

A voice from a distance is what you hear,
You tread ahead but with a constant fear,

But you cant forget your past its like the sweetest song!
So you decide to move but take it along........

PSST-Hopefully there's a bit of you or someone you know :)


  1. Anchita, a brilliant retrospection!!

    "The frozen past is right behind,
    Its your creation,you got after all that grind"

    "The scar on your knee reminds you of how you fell down,
    But it did feel better cause 'they' were around,"

    Poignant lines...

    Would love to read more from your kitty.

  2. What a retrospect. Damn it, there is no future without a past. It is rightly said that Experience maketh man/woman. All our past undoings helps us mature and correct ourselves,giving us a new opportunity everyday.Time and then, it may make us sad or happy, whatever its a strange kinda feeling that gonna be always with us. :) good one.

  3. Wow! Wonderful poem, Anchita! Retrospection at its expressive best! Am yearning to read more of ur work! Neva know wen sum of ur talent might rub off on me! :)

  4. I will second Maverick here in saying this was indeed retrospection at its expressive best..

  5. Yes indeed .. this one has a bit of al of us .. :) kudos for this well rhymed write :)

  6. WHOA!!!
    MY FIRST POEM HERE IN WL,n so much appreciation,THANKS YOU ALL!!!!!
    Well when yer sad you always have this tendency to go back in time,and think of all the nice stuff and miss it,and all the sad stuff and regret it.The glory of sad times....its probably the only emotion which makes me THIS expressive!!!



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