February 4, 2009


The divine power of poetry and fancy

Soothes the paths of life for me,

And I become the captive of bliss

mesmerized by the verses in glee.


Poetry reveals

With passion and zeal

New sources of enchantment

A picturesque appeal!


The arid desert of life

And dreams on which I thrive

Turn into a stream of inspiration

Yonder where I survive.


 So voluptuous

Poetry purls on

Like fleeting rivulets

Tugging the strings of soul;



Flowing beneath the feet of life

it quenches the thirst of luscious delight

Which my yearning heart,

For so long, has sought for, in vain!


Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary.

-- Khalil Jibran

Words mere words, are enough to captivate me, ensnare me and make me feel blithe. I am always rescued by them. They inspire me, to write, to read, to say my say and simply, to live. I cant comprehend how can anyone breath without words. Pure joy. Sheer ecstasy.

I had not been wanting to participate because I had been feeling that my poem will never be able to compete all the good ones spilled on the lounge, wow! what a terrafic display of talent! I am mesmerized.

But then I am participating! Poetry inspires me!



  1. And I become the captive of bliss

    mesmerized by the verses in glee.

    too good....the complete version looks even better than the one u shared yesterday islexxxxx...a new take...i am amazed at innovations around inspiration here at the lounge..ur poetry bit just adds on to it...good one islex!

  2. i loved the poetry for its rhythm , innovation and the way it went and became a part of our soul....

    A poem can do wonders to us.. :)

  3. wow asbii...perfect!!
    n u wer wonderin whther to post or not! remebr i gav u all d marks!! :)

  4. Well deserving words for awesome reflection of artistic mind

    *thumbs up and hats off*

    "Like fleeting rivulets
    Tugging the stirrings of soul"

    Like cadence of heart
    Followed by the stimulation
    For verse of life
    Fortitude of adore
    It speaks
    It tells
    It lets you know
    The credence it abide
    The feelings it capture
    Poetry speaks
    With words of heart and soul!

    best as always!


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