February 27, 2009

The Pensive Me!

Looking at the moon,

Looking at the Stars,

And looking at the Sky,

I wondered and wondered,

Wondered with a glint of pensiveness,

With a glint of the days bygone,

And with a glint of regrets.

Regrets for the time that’s far beyond reach,

Regrets for the time which was once most cherished,

Regrets for some things which were so part of me,

Regrets for the lovely moments which today seem so empty,

Regrets for the realization and Regrets for the today’s Truth.

Truth that was a lie yesterday,

Truth which was confronting me forever,

Truth which was veiled and hidden,

Truth whose reality was just too dark,

Truth which had shaken me enough not to even sleep,

Truth which was so bitter that I preferred the lie.

Lies and Truths, veils and realizations were around,

Blinded by faith and Aghast to realities,

I walked and I walk succumbing myself to fate,

Fate which was brighter yet illuminated by a darker past,

Past which haunts me of the Feeble minded me.

Me of the past years,

Me of the present decade,

Me with a past,

Me with an illuminating present,

Me with regrets,

And Me with that experience,

Me with shredded tears,

And Me with a zeal of moving past it!


  1. if i could change....i would
    retrace every wrong move i made .... iwould
    take back pain .... i would

    gud work....

  2. Sometimes, I do wish there was a rewind button on life and then I could change things.. But then, I do know that I wouldn't be the person I'm today without that!

    I love myself today what I have become and that pain and suffering has a big hand in making me!

    I loved your last line... I would have called it a pessimistic poem but you changed my opinion!

  3. very nice poem yaar...n rightly said rashi...things wht happened made us wht we r today....so no regrets ovr ur actions if u love urself!

  4. @Megha thanks :-)

    @R.V. well u wrote my intentions of writing this poem in ur comments...i know i m the person i m for what experiences i gathered and i m glad i went thru them.....had it been a pessimistive poem the whole purpose of writing it would have been lost...thats y the last lines r the most imp...glad u liked it :-)

    @priyanka i totally agree but then reminiscing it makes u realise how life n its struggles made u the person ur .... :-) thanks for liking it :-)

  5. you will nabila you will..no pain ..no sad feeling can stay for long... lovely poem..

  6. that was really thoughtful..

    all of us think about the past.. n sometimes wish we could change certain things.. but alas.. all we can do is regret about it.. and thts the truth..

  7. @kajal.....i agree to that pains always precedes loads of happiness or we wdnt relish them

    @Ani every past has a lesson so we shd just learn to accept and move towards a better life :-)

  8. absolutely .. i agree completely.. just tht we shouldn't think much about the past.. n have regrets.. :)

  9. totally agree....they shd act as a foundation to move forward not as a obstacle to stop us :-)

  10. quite true.. just wishh.. :) oh well.. it happens..

  11. omg

    where was i sleeping ??? i really missed some beautiful poems and stories....

    thoughtful poem wht else i cud say......bring out more such poems .....

    good ...keep ur good work

  12. thanks :-)....i had posted one such poem on anonymity before too ...i guess u missed it.....surely will write some more....and thanks for ur appreciation :-)


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