February 19, 2009

Love at First Sight!

Riding through the woods,
Breeze, brushing my face,
Trees flying past in a blur,
My spirit free in this place!

Through the mist swirling around,
The trunks of magnificent trees,
I see you emerge slowly,
And time seems to freeze!

I rein in my steed sharp,
Astonished by the heavenly sight,
Mesmerized by the divine vista,
You seem an angel in flight!

Golden locks adorn your countenance,
Windswept, damp from the morning dew,
Elegance and beauty abundant,
As you caress the flowers blue!

I wish I was that flower,
I wish I was that breeze,
Touch you, feel you I would,
With unbridled glee!

I watch you from this distance,
Under the armour my heart beats,
Now I know why they say,
Love at first sight, this is!


  1. mesmerizing.. :) first love is special in ways more than one.. and you have brought out one of its facets so beautifully :)

  2. Wish it happens for real to you ... Lovely lines :)

  3. maverick!! i felt like reading a beautiful fairy tale..nice poem..


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