February 22, 2009

I'll Miss The Bike!

It's been really long since I last wrote here. There were some *unavoidable* situations which held me from posting here and even on my own blog! But today, I need your prayers!

I have a cousin named Vatsal! We call him Vibhu or Vebby. I call him bhai! I love him loads. Actually, he's the only cousin I'm so open to; have so much fun; and even make a fool out of myself. Being the youngest son of the family, he's always been a pampered kid. And now, a pampered adult. In short, he's the sweetheart of the whole khandaan!!

He's one crazy guy for speed! You ask him absolutely anything about cars and bikes, and he's a walking encyclopedia. I don't know his favorite car, but his favorite bike has always been Yamaha R1. He once told me, "Whenever I go online, I make it a point I watch the YouTube videos of this bike. Trust me, I'm gonna get this bike soon." And seriously, he's watched all the videos that have ever been uploaded on YouTube. To cut the long story short, he has a fetish for bikes. Specially that one! So my mamaji, his dad, bought him the bike.

I and mom went to meet his family in January this year. The bike was as hot as you can imagine. A sexy blue bike. We were watching Loose Change and couldn't wait for it to finish so we could ride it. The movie was over. He took the helmet, the bike keys, and wished me good luck for the ride.

I sat behind as the pillion. He said, "Mitali, hold me as tight as you can." (He calls me Mitali). I held him as tightly as I possibly could! We started. And soon, his bike was going a whopping 170 kmph. He had a helmet but I didn't. I was shit scared. But it was a ride of a lifetime. The next day, I told all my friends that I rode on a *sports* bike on 170 kmph.

My cousin had been addicted to his bike. All his facebook dp's have been of his bike. Even during our cousin sister's wedding he was more concerned about buying a proper bike wear. You know the jackets and arm pads etc etc. The wedding was a lot of fun. I was back home by the evening of 19th Feb. 20th Feb was to be the reception. My cousin didn't tell his parents and went to take the bike from Faridabad to Gurgaon. He was riding it to Gurgaon. Must have been over 200 kmph.

His bike crashed! Dad said that he didn't see a bump in the road. The bike's front wheel was displaced completely. The road's railing was in the petrol tank of the bike. And my cousin's injury was major. A huge part of his chest flesh has been cut apart and separated from the body. It was because of his helmet that there were no head injuries and because he's a nice plum guy, he survived the accident. Otherwise it would've been a bad mishap. He almost had a fatal accident. His "baby"..his bike is nothing but a scrap now. Nothing is left of it now. Though I'm sure that his dad will get him the same bike again but it'll take him a lot of time to recover.

Dad told me the news on the condition that I won't tell this to my mom. Mamaji hasn't told this to anyone because of the wedding season in the family. Dad said that it didn't hurt him at all as my cousin called his brother himself to inform that he had an accident. But still....it was very disturbing to hear that Vebby was in hospital. We're gonna meet him on 1st. He'll be back home by then. But I haven't stopped praying that he recovers soon. It still is unbelievable to me that he had an accident. I still remember, I asked him before going on a ride with him, "What if you crash your bike?? I don't even a helmet on!!" And he laughed and said, "Don't worry, this bike is cool. It has awesome brakes. And I mean, seriously, don't you trust me?? Don't worry, we won't go beyond 200!!"

I'm gonna miss his bike a lot!! But get well soon bhai so we can again go on a ride when you get the bike again!!


  1. Very touching account.. get well soon Vebby... Mitali and we all are praying!


  2. Hope your cousin recovers soon and is back in shape, thank god he's in one shape though being a serious mischap :)

    God bless him.

    A word of caution :-

    But how ever safe or good driver one is, practically in todays world it is really difficult to stay alive. Life expectancy is definitely not increasing but rapidly decreasing :( .

    One word of common advice to all is, enjoy but don't over do it,be sensible and never reckless, we'll never know what can happen. Speed thrills, but definitely kills. If not for speed or crazy antics and stunts that youngsters of today resort to many a lives can be saved not only of the riders but the other people on road and passerby's as well.

  3. yes, wishes and prayers for him to recover soon! to fly on roads again, But this time, with caution!

  4. wish a speedy recovery to your bro !

  5. I agree with Kings. I lost a very dear friend to a bike mishap and that scares me a lot! Pls take care and ask him to do the same! Wish him a speedy recovery!

  6. he needs both i guess dawa and duwa!:(
    Get well soon !!

  7. :(speedy recovery to your cousin :(

  8. am praying shruti...he will get well soon....all our wishes n prayers for vebby!!


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