February 6, 2009

The Devil Is Born.....

My faith put to test,
My heart beats no more,
I sleep in unrest,
As sorrow knocks on my door,
I know no comfort,
I know of no joy,
Each part of me hurts,
This pain, I want to destroy,
I wake up to a world of misery,
To a world of mistrust,
I am fed up of other's treachery,
And my feelings just lie and rust.....

And now my blood boils,
I feel different, I feel strange,
My inner self toils,
Now, I seek revenge,
I no longer feel weary,
I feel powerful, I feel strong,
I grow ugly, I grow scary,
To a different genre, now I belong,
Conceived in moments of distress,
From emotions shattered and torn,
From the womb of helplessness,
Now, the devil is born!!!!!!!


  1. Its almost beautiful in a dark sorta way! Wonderful write! Likd it!

  2. Totally gothy kinda poem... I hope you can come up with a continuation to this!

  3. getting deep into the human psyche...i guess..good one...looks like i just read birth story of a Hellboy... nice comical fictional narration style...hope u continue on this :)

  4. @ illusion... yeah.. dark but true, a devil's hidden in each of us too!!

    @ maverick.. thanks... glad you liked it...

    @ R.V and kings.... i doubt if i can... this one was instinctive


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